Friday, June 29, 2007

What a race!

Munchkin was in her first race today. We went to Fundom Kids in Joelton for a playdate. We have been there before but it was busy today. They have added a few new toys and activities. One activity was a dance party with glow sticks and everything. They turned the lights low, hit the disco ball, and turned the music up. The kids all LOVED it! The other activity was a pedal to the metal race on the go carts. The kids had to do 2 laps around the track. The first time Munchkin tried to race the only cart left was way to big for her so she waited until the next race. She was all the way in the back but that didn't matter! She zipped around the track passing up all the kids bigger than her. I saw a glimpse of myself as a soccer mom in the years to come. I was jumping up and down cheering her on as she passed everyone to come in first. She was so excited that she won. She got to go pick out a prize and got to race the other winners. That didn't go as well because she had a hard start but she didn't care. She had already won once she didn't need to win again. I tell ya! She may be small but she is quick! You should have seen her flying around those curves! :)

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  1. Oh fun. But ... ummmm...your blog may not be so cheerful if she's sixteen and still flying around the curves! Trust me on this one....I know it for a fact! Only ours weren't curves...they were tree's and we very nearly invited one to sit in the front seat with me. It declined at the last nanno second. I'm sure that Adam's "we're going in the ditch and we're going to die" proclamation from the back seat encouraged our guardian angel to bump up the protection level immediately. Whew...that's one life experience I don't EVER care to repeat! :0)