Monday, June 04, 2007


VBS started at church today...oh yeah, I already posted that didn't I? Well, it did. I picked up The Ballerina and Angela's van at 8 so I could take her with us and have a carseat for her. We got to church with plenty of time to get the kids to each of their rooms. Munchkin and the Ballerina are in the same class which worked out nicely for picking them up at the end of the day. Plus they are such good buddies they would have been heartbroken to be in separate rooms.

When I got to Tree Hollow where I was helping with music for the preschoolers there were a few more preparations to be made. I helped hang a sheet and fence border that looks like a stadium full of people, practiced the songs we were going to do with the kids and freaked a little since it was looking like I was going to have to tell the Bible story. Leslie showed up though just in time that she was able to do it. We did music for the 3s at 9:30, 4s at 10:30 and 2s at 11:30. They all really liked it a lot. I love the time in Tree Hollow and seeing those sweet kids praising Jesus! Little Man even got to come up today. He stood pretty much the entire time with his hands on his hips like "what are they doing up there?" We were very active....I have never had pompoms in my life and I was dancing around with them because Tree Hollow is the Pep Rally for the kids.

Little Man had speech at 2 so I dropped Munchkin off at the Ballerinas house to play while I took him downtown. His appointment ended up lasting almost 2 hours instead of 1. The speech therapist heaped on the information and ideas for helping him with articulation and consonant deletion.

After picking Munchkin up from The Ballerinas house and listening to her scream for a few minutes before getting in the car we stopped and got the oil changed. Can I please get a break here. Apparently I need to change the Valve Gasket Cover. It is not expensive but it need to be done as I have a fairly significant oil leak. That is new since April. I also need to replace the fuel filter, also not expensive and should be fairly inexpensive to fix, if I fix it myself.
We headed to Steak and Shake for dinner. Usually I am appalled at the price but it wasn't bad tonight because I bought one meal for the 3 of us to share. I got a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich with a side salad and apples and grapes. We all shared it and it filled us all up.
I let the kids watch a movie after jammies were on and they are finally in bed. I think I could fall asleep sitting here so I suppose I should go to bed now too. Hopefully my alarm will go off and I will be on time for VBS tomorrow too. If you have kids K and up you should bring them!

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