Friday, June 29, 2007

Reunion Pics

The Peanut Gallery: Eric, Me, Moya, Laura

Dr. Laura. I met Laura when she lived next door to me freshman year in Adams Hall.

Jackie and Me. I am so glad she made it to the reunion. We not only did undergrad together we also did our masters together (well, part of it anyway, I took off a semester and graduated later).

Jake says "I see you!"

This is Russ and Amy and their little Monkey. I have known Russ since 7th grade. I am so glad we stayed friends throughout college.

"The Family"
Jake, Darren, Tage, and Rod
These guys were crazy while were at APU. Not in a bad way. Rod, Bobby and I worked with the same Jr. High Youth group and actually went bungee jumping together as a team building exercise.

Once I get more photos edited I will post more.

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