Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Progress in speech

A couple of years ago (gees have I been blogging that long?) I had a post about some of the funny or sweet things my Munchkin had said. One in particular was about guacamole. For Fathers Day Bobby wanted to go get Mexican food. As I split her food up she said "I don't want my quesadilla to touch any of that blockomole! That is better than what she said the last time!

Little Mans speech therapist pointed out 8 areas he needed therapy in. We are looking into getting speech for him as he has aged out of TEIS. I think that his speech is coming though...or maybe I am just getting better at translating...who knows. Yesterday we walked outside and Little Man went straight for the new vehicle. It wasn't there so he looked up and me and said "Da-ee take durango?" It made me laugh that he new the new truck is a Durango. Sweet kids! I love the things they say!


  1. oh, i know!
    i don't write down enough of what they say.

  2. Typical man....even if he is a little one. I'm surprise he didn't ask if it had a hemi in it!