Sunday, June 10, 2007

Old and New

After saving money for a little bit it has come time to buy a new vehicle. Our friend Grant sold our old truck for us so we had more of a down payment and he gave us a screaming deal on the Durango. Yes all of you Dave Ramsey fans we paid with a check. :0)

It was really difficult for us to decide to sell the truck. There is a lot of sentimental feelings that came with it. Bobby's dad bought this truck new in 83. He shipped it out to us a year and a half ago when he bought a new one. He was surprised when it hit 200,000 miles. It was over 217,000 just over a week ago. Bobby talks about how he rode in the jump seats in the back when he was a little boy. It made him happy that both of our kiddos could ride back there up to the park. It was just time for us to have something though that had air conditioning, room for the kids to actually ride in their carseats, room to bring the dog places, and space to haul musical equipment that locks. This little truck has served us well and we will miss it for the sentimental reasons. We did think about shipping it to Bobby's niece but she wouldn't be able to drive it for another 5 years so that wasn't terribly practical.

Old Truck in the driveway:
New truck in the driveway:

Bobby with our cute kiddos having a Pampered Chef show in the bed of the old truck:
Our pretty new truck!
I feel like such a Republican driving our American Made Gas Guzzling SUV. I almost feel a little guilty.....


Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty! You contributed to feeding an American family that makes American cars. Nothing wrong with that!
Love ya, and the "truck" is beautiful.

The O'Neal's said...

The new ride is awesome. You guys totally deserve it. I'll never forget my experience in the old ride at the Young Women's Retreat.

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