Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lucky kids!

What a week! We decided to do the Kids Club at Opry Mills this week since they were having a small camp program. Each day Muggsys Meadow provided a different activity for the kids. Monday was a craft activity with Build a Bear workshop. There were 104 kids signed up to participate but I am not sure how many actually showed up. As a former director of student activities I was not impressed. The workers were putting together the craft 5 minutes before they were supposed to start. The organizers had to bring in two extra tables and the workers were still cutting stickers apart as the kids were doing the craft. The kids decorated treasure boxes made out of 2 paper bowls held together with masking tape. How hard would it have been to have someone tape the bowls together and cut the stickers apart the night before so 100 kids wouldn't be standing around waiting? I do have to say the parents were more impatient than the kids. Both Munchkin and Little Man went on a treasure hunt that night in our yard and found all kinds of neat things.

Tuesday was free movie day at the theater there. There are several theaters in the area showing free movies on Tuesday but I personally like Opry Mills the best. There were tons of groups from the YMCA and daycares plus our little group from the kids club. We got to see The Ant Bully for free. The kids each got a kids pack for $5 that included popcorn, skittles and a drink.

Wednesday was a craft at Rainforest Cafe. I think some of the families must have been scared off by the first days craft because there were not nearly as many kids there. That was unfortunate because it was so much better than the first one. Each family went in and got pictures taken with Nile the Crocodile, then went to a table to make foam picture frames. Munchkins was much harder than Little Mans but she had a great time. Little Man is terrified of people dressed up in character costumes so he had nothing to do with Nile. He did glue his name onto his frame though. While the kids were working the workers brought fresh baked chocolate chips cookies out to the kids along with juice cups and then brought out sodas to the parents! Now, that was the way to do an activity!
Bobby had been on the road for a week and a half and got home that night. We picked him up in the Durango at Marks house and headed out to dinner. Both kids were so excited to see him but Munchkin really let loose. I am pretty sure she didn't stop talking until she was in bed.

Thursday was supposed to be a free trip in to see the sting rays but we had swimming lessons. Munchkin loved it of course and Little Man was still not a fan. Last week we had VBS and missed our lesson. Since it was VBS the owner of the swim school let us make it up but it was a 2:30 that same day. So after swim lesson #1 we went to lunch at Chickfila, then I had to go to UPS and ship my camera to Casio, then we went to Walmart to get a key made for the Durango, then we went back to swimming. I think Little Man was so tired he really didn't fight the lesson too much.

Friday was the last day of the camp. We got to the stage where story time was going to take place a little bit before everything was going to start. All of a sudden a giant shark was walking toward us along with a giant octopus. Little Man who had been running around saw them and came crying to me, got on my lap and would not remove himself for anything! Munchkin on the other had ran right up to them and had them copying her every move. Things got worse for Little Man when Nile the Crocodile showed up along with Rio the Macaw. Once story time was over we all got in a parade line and marched down to the movie theater court. We got to sign up for different drawing, get faces painted, have balloon animals made, and have cookies and juice.
Here is the lucky part! I personally don't usually win anything. Both of my kiddos won a t-shirt and then they each won a $10 gift card to the mall! Little Man didn't really get it but Munchkin did. She was chomping at the bit to spend her $10 so we went to the Disney store. They each had a blast picking out their new toys. Now if I could just get them to part with some of their old ones. I think that may be a project for August once they are in school!

Anyway, it was a good week. We did a ton and the week passed quickly. We have a lot planned for the next 2 weeks so I am sure it will pass just as fast.


  1. Karen, why don't you live where we do? I'd never have to plan ANYTHING, I could just do whatever Karen and the kids were doing. **sigh**


  2. Wow! Sounds busy and FUN! Maybe one day I'll have the energy to do all that.

  3. Karen...I wish I had just a smidgen of your energy!!! Geez Girl!!! I think you did more in one week with your kids than I did with mine during their entire preschool"hood". One VBS was enough to knock me out for the rest of the summer! What a fun, fun mom you are!