Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cable woes

So, my cable has been out for the last 5 days. Internet works fine, we get a menu on the tv screen but it just says "Please hold on, this channel will be available shortly." Apparently the cable company doesn't think it is an emergency to fix the cable at a home where hubby has been gone on a trip all week and mama is home with the kiddos. At least some of the rarely watched DVDs are coming in handy. We waited from 2-5:30 on Thursday, the guy called me at 5:51 to say he would be out in 30 minutes. Today we were scheduled from 12-4. It is now 4:11. We have a new appointment for Monday from 3-6. Grr. Anyone want to come over and keep me company?

1 comment:

  1. i'm so sorry, girl!

    when we first moved into our house at monticello we had no tv and then the vcr broke. i really thought i was going to lose my mind! and i love the appointments. i'm sorry.

    and i hate it when matt can't be here. i think i told you before that matt used to work nights and i just couldn't handle it without him. hang in there.

    and i'd love to come over - if it were just that easy...