Friday, June 29, 2007

Reunion Pics

The Peanut Gallery: Eric, Me, Moya, Laura

Dr. Laura. I met Laura when she lived next door to me freshman year in Adams Hall.

Jackie and Me. I am so glad she made it to the reunion. We not only did undergrad together we also did our masters together (well, part of it anyway, I took off a semester and graduated later).

Jake says "I see you!"

This is Russ and Amy and their little Monkey. I have known Russ since 7th grade. I am so glad we stayed friends throughout college.

"The Family"
Jake, Darren, Tage, and Rod
These guys were crazy while were at APU. Not in a bad way. Rod, Bobby and I worked with the same Jr. High Youth group and actually went bungee jumping together as a team building exercise.

Once I get more photos edited I will post more.

APU 10 year reunion

So, I intended to post about our vacation to CA in order but it jut doesn't look like that is going to happen. On Saturday Joe and Roxanna took us to the park where we had a lovely picnic lunch. Little Man rode on the swing which made me smile. The night before we left for Cali I accidentally knocked him off the swing at Angela's house. He was done and wanted nothing else to do with the swing. After the picnic I got ready, ran to CVS to pick up some extra baby wipes, nail polish, and hairspray and headed over to the campus. My friend Tim had asked if I could come early to help set up and of course I said yes. When I got there though everything was already done. I was glad to be early anyway because I got to see people as they came in.

I was initially sitting with Sabrina and her husband but a few more couples came in so I ended up moving to what I like to refer to as "The Peanut Gallery". My friends Eric (of Pushstart Wagon Fame), Moya (Associate Dean of Students at Pitzer), and Laura (Dr. Laura M.D.) all came by them selves so we all sat together. There was another lady at our table that didn't know anyone there and later commented "I definitely picked the right table to sit at tonight!"
It was great to catch up with old friends, see some of their kiddos (mine were with Joe and Roxanna), and relive some of the college memories.

2 funny moments:
1)I won a candy bar for coming the farthest. When asked where I flew in from I told them in my best southern accent.
2) When asked to raise our hands for who submitted pictures for the slide show mine was the only one up. At least I submitted a large variety of pictures. Yes, believe it or not I took a lot of pictures in college just like I do now!

My friend Jackie showed up after the festivities had ended. She had been at a baby shower but managed to make it to see almost everyone. She and I ended up going with Eric, Kathy, Bryan, Marie and her husband to BJ's for drinks and a pazookie. Someday, if you ever go to CA you have to go get a Pazookie. The Cookie Monster at Cheddars is no comparison!

There were a lot of people I was disappointed not to see. No one from the Addisonrd crew showed up. I think only one of my roommates was there. I suppose there is always the 20 year to catch up at...

All in all the reunion seemed to go off without a hitch. I had a great time and hope it won't be 10 years before I see all of these people again!

What a race!

Munchkin was in her first race today. We went to Fundom Kids in Joelton for a playdate. We have been there before but it was busy today. They have added a few new toys and activities. One activity was a dance party with glow sticks and everything. They turned the lights low, hit the disco ball, and turned the music up. The kids all LOVED it! The other activity was a pedal to the metal race on the go carts. The kids had to do 2 laps around the track. The first time Munchkin tried to race the only cart left was way to big for her so she waited until the next race. She was all the way in the back but that didn't matter! She zipped around the track passing up all the kids bigger than her. I saw a glimpse of myself as a soccer mom in the years to come. I was jumping up and down cheering her on as she passed everyone to come in first. She was so excited that she won. She got to go pick out a prize and got to race the other winners. That didn't go as well because she had a hard start but she didn't care. She had already won once she didn't need to win again. I tell ya! She may be small but she is quick! You should have seen her flying around those curves! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We're ba-ack!

Bobby has been out most of the month with his band so I packed up the kiddos and headed west! I graduated 10 years ago from APU. Yep that's right folks 10 years. My reunion was this weekend and was so much fun! Thanks goodness for friends and fruity drinks!

Bobby's brother Joe and sister in law Roxanna graciously let us crash with them. They even planned a bunch of fun activities for us. We hit up the LA Zoo, had a picnic at the park, got to see their Grandma and Aunt, basked in the beautiful sunshine at Seal Beach, and of course spent an entire day at The Happiest Place on Earth! It was so much fun to spend time with them as we rarely get to see them. I think we wore them out though!

Both kids did great on the flights home from L.A. Munchkin fell asleep about 20 minutes before landing in Nashville though so she was quite grumpy on the way to baggage claim. Apparently we didn't have enough fun at Disneyland because we had to take the wrong bus and take a nice tour of the parking lot. The kids thought it was fun and everyone on both buses were so very helpful. I think they felt sorry for the mommy with 2 kids, 2 car seats, 2 carry on bags, a purse, and a giant suitcase trying to get on the shuttle alone at 1AM. We finally got to bed around 2 and I am pretty sure no one moved the rest of the night. Now, the hard part will be getting back into the swing of things here.

I took 11 rolls of film so just wait! Pictures will be posted soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Progress in speech

A couple of years ago (gees have I been blogging that long?) I had a post about some of the funny or sweet things my Munchkin had said. One in particular was about guacamole. For Fathers Day Bobby wanted to go get Mexican food. As I split her food up she said "I don't want my quesadilla to touch any of that blockomole! That is better than what she said the last time!

Little Mans speech therapist pointed out 8 areas he needed therapy in. We are looking into getting speech for him as he has aged out of TEIS. I think that his speech is coming though...or maybe I am just getting better at translating...who knows. Yesterday we walked outside and Little Man went straight for the new vehicle. It wasn't there so he looked up and me and said "Da-ee take durango?" It made me laugh that he new the new truck is a Durango. Sweet kids! I love the things they say!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lucky kids!

What a week! We decided to do the Kids Club at Opry Mills this week since they were having a small camp program. Each day Muggsys Meadow provided a different activity for the kids. Monday was a craft activity with Build a Bear workshop. There were 104 kids signed up to participate but I am not sure how many actually showed up. As a former director of student activities I was not impressed. The workers were putting together the craft 5 minutes before they were supposed to start. The organizers had to bring in two extra tables and the workers were still cutting stickers apart as the kids were doing the craft. The kids decorated treasure boxes made out of 2 paper bowls held together with masking tape. How hard would it have been to have someone tape the bowls together and cut the stickers apart the night before so 100 kids wouldn't be standing around waiting? I do have to say the parents were more impatient than the kids. Both Munchkin and Little Man went on a treasure hunt that night in our yard and found all kinds of neat things.

Tuesday was free movie day at the theater there. There are several theaters in the area showing free movies on Tuesday but I personally like Opry Mills the best. There were tons of groups from the YMCA and daycares plus our little group from the kids club. We got to see The Ant Bully for free. The kids each got a kids pack for $5 that included popcorn, skittles and a drink.

Wednesday was a craft at Rainforest Cafe. I think some of the families must have been scared off by the first days craft because there were not nearly as many kids there. That was unfortunate because it was so much better than the first one. Each family went in and got pictures taken with Nile the Crocodile, then went to a table to make foam picture frames. Munchkins was much harder than Little Mans but she had a great time. Little Man is terrified of people dressed up in character costumes so he had nothing to do with Nile. He did glue his name onto his frame though. While the kids were working the workers brought fresh baked chocolate chips cookies out to the kids along with juice cups and then brought out sodas to the parents! Now, that was the way to do an activity!
Bobby had been on the road for a week and a half and got home that night. We picked him up in the Durango at Marks house and headed out to dinner. Both kids were so excited to see him but Munchkin really let loose. I am pretty sure she didn't stop talking until she was in bed.

Thursday was supposed to be a free trip in to see the sting rays but we had swimming lessons. Munchkin loved it of course and Little Man was still not a fan. Last week we had VBS and missed our lesson. Since it was VBS the owner of the swim school let us make it up but it was a 2:30 that same day. So after swim lesson #1 we went to lunch at Chickfila, then I had to go to UPS and ship my camera to Casio, then we went to Walmart to get a key made for the Durango, then we went back to swimming. I think Little Man was so tired he really didn't fight the lesson too much.

Friday was the last day of the camp. We got to the stage where story time was going to take place a little bit before everything was going to start. All of a sudden a giant shark was walking toward us along with a giant octopus. Little Man who had been running around saw them and came crying to me, got on my lap and would not remove himself for anything! Munchkin on the other had ran right up to them and had them copying her every move. Things got worse for Little Man when Nile the Crocodile showed up along with Rio the Macaw. Once story time was over we all got in a parade line and marched down to the movie theater court. We got to sign up for different drawing, get faces painted, have balloon animals made, and have cookies and juice.
Here is the lucky part! I personally don't usually win anything. Both of my kiddos won a t-shirt and then they each won a $10 gift card to the mall! Little Man didn't really get it but Munchkin did. She was chomping at the bit to spend her $10 so we went to the Disney store. They each had a blast picking out their new toys. Now if I could just get them to part with some of their old ones. I think that may be a project for August once they are in school!

Anyway, it was a good week. We did a ton and the week passed quickly. We have a lot planned for the next 2 weeks so I am sure it will pass just as fast.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Is it weird

That I don't have my babysitters phone number and always get a hold of her through myspace?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

And things were going so well....

Remember my cool digital camera I bought March 24th? Yesterday I took it out of the case and turned it on. The lens opened and then nothing else happened. It wouldn't even close. I thought it was the battery so I brought it home and put it on the docking station. It said that the battery was fine. After calling Casio they told me to send it in. Thank goodness I kept the receipt. It is under warranty so it shouldn't cost anything to fix.
In the mean time I am going to be using my Cannon Rebel SLR (which I should use anyway because it is an awesome film camera). I love that camera and am excited to use it again. The little digi is just so handy to carry in my purse.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Woohoo the cable is fixed...

It only took a week but it is now fixed. The cable guy brought a new box yesterday and we got all of our low numbered channels. We still were not getting Noggin or PBS Kids which are pretty much the only channels we watch. So, I called again this morning and they sent the same guy out to my house. He pretty much insisted that because of changing technology and the fact that we shouldn't have been getting those channels all along that we wouldn't get them with our plan. After I asked him if Comcast has some evil plan to just randomly change things so people would have to pay more money he got a sheepish grin on his face and said he couldn't answer that kind of question. I went and dug out a bill and showed him that we had been paying for the digital channels and that yes we should be getting the channels we wanted back. He called in and finally got them back for us. He kept trying to tell me we didn't have a filter but I remember when the guy came out and put the filter on.
For future reference I am not a stupid female that can't handle herself. I know what I am talking about when it comes to the technology in my home. I also pay our bills and know what gets paid and what we are paying for. Please do not treat me like an idiot. Thank you this is the end of my public service announcement!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This is something I never thought I would see. Little Man has sensory issues. He doesn't like to touch weird substances, has never wanted to touch sand, and is just all around cautious about certain things. I don't know what got into him but it was fantastic! Munchkin got in the sand pit at church the other night and he followed right along. It took him a little while to warm up but once he got his shoes off and dug his feet in he was pretty good to go. He even laid down in the sand next to his big sister. I couldn't believe it. But here are the pictures and the video to prove it!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cable woes

So, my cable has been out for the last 5 days. Internet works fine, we get a menu on the tv screen but it just says "Please hold on, this channel will be available shortly." Apparently the cable company doesn't think it is an emergency to fix the cable at a home where hubby has been gone on a trip all week and mama is home with the kiddos. At least some of the rarely watched DVDs are coming in handy. We waited from 2-5:30 on Thursday, the guy called me at 5:51 to say he would be out in 30 minutes. Today we were scheduled from 12-4. It is now 4:11. We have a new appointment for Monday from 3-6. Grr. Anyone want to come over and keep me company?

Monday, June 04, 2007


VBS started at church today...oh yeah, I already posted that didn't I? Well, it did. I picked up The Ballerina and Angela's van at 8 so I could take her with us and have a carseat for her. We got to church with plenty of time to get the kids to each of their rooms. Munchkin and the Ballerina are in the same class which worked out nicely for picking them up at the end of the day. Plus they are such good buddies they would have been heartbroken to be in separate rooms.

When I got to Tree Hollow where I was helping with music for the preschoolers there were a few more preparations to be made. I helped hang a sheet and fence border that looks like a stadium full of people, practiced the songs we were going to do with the kids and freaked a little since it was looking like I was going to have to tell the Bible story. Leslie showed up though just in time that she was able to do it. We did music for the 3s at 9:30, 4s at 10:30 and 2s at 11:30. They all really liked it a lot. I love the time in Tree Hollow and seeing those sweet kids praising Jesus! Little Man even got to come up today. He stood pretty much the entire time with his hands on his hips like "what are they doing up there?" We were very active....I have never had pompoms in my life and I was dancing around with them because Tree Hollow is the Pep Rally for the kids.

Little Man had speech at 2 so I dropped Munchkin off at the Ballerinas house to play while I took him downtown. His appointment ended up lasting almost 2 hours instead of 1. The speech therapist heaped on the information and ideas for helping him with articulation and consonant deletion.

After picking Munchkin up from The Ballerinas house and listening to her scream for a few minutes before getting in the car we stopped and got the oil changed. Can I please get a break here. Apparently I need to change the Valve Gasket Cover. It is not expensive but it need to be done as I have a fairly significant oil leak. That is new since April. I also need to replace the fuel filter, also not expensive and should be fairly inexpensive to fix, if I fix it myself.
We headed to Steak and Shake for dinner. Usually I am appalled at the price but it wasn't bad tonight because I bought one meal for the 3 of us to share. I got a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich with a side salad and apples and grapes. We all shared it and it filled us all up.
I let the kids watch a movie after jammies were on and they are finally in bed. I think I could fall asleep sitting here so I suppose I should go to bed now too. Hopefully my alarm will go off and I will be on time for VBS tomorrow too. If you have kids K and up you should bring them!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Did you ever go to Vacation Bible School as a child. I did. That is when I became a Christian. I was 7 years old at Bible camp. I remember doing the "Faith Fall" off the stage into the other kids arms and just knowing I needed Jesus in my life. I am so glad I did. I do not know what my life would be like without knowing who Jesus is and having a relationship with Him. I don't know what would have gotten me through some of the things in my life. I am so glad for that relationship that started when I was 7.

VBS starts at our church tomorrow and I am going to help out with the little kids worship time. I think that means I will get to see both of my kids each day in there. I hope they soak in more information about Jesus than they know now. I pray they will understand more at the end of the week. I pray they just have a really good time. If you have kids that are k-5th grade (I think) you can go here for the registration.