Water Fun and Water Not so Fun

Who doesn't love a day filled with water play? I know I loved spending the summer days at the base pool, jumping off the diving board, laying out in the sun and just hanging out with friends. Those were days full of Water Fun.
Munchkin and Little Man had swimming this morning. For Munchkin it is all about fun. She loves learning new strokes and just being in the water. Little Man on the other hand does not enjoy swimming so much. At least he didn't try to run away from the pool today. After swimming we ran to Chickfila for some lunch and headed home. Angela came over with her two monkeys and a couple of bins of pictures to sort through. Leann came with her little guy and her scrapbook paraphernalia and Melanie came over with her sweet girl and some stuff to work on for VBS. We got to have some fun girlfriend time while all of the kids did an exceptional job of playing together. Leann's son has got to be the most content baby I have ever seen. He sat in his playpen and watched the other kids and played with his toys.
About an hour into our little gathering Melanie's daughter asked if she could feed the doggie some treats. None of the other kids wanted anything to do with the dog but I thought it was sweet. I went to the basement landing to get some treats and heard some water running. My first thought was that it was the upstairs toilet running but then I realized it was much louder than that. The second thought as I was going to investigate was that our AC had finally bit the dust. I reached the basement and discovered my to my dismay that there was the beginning stages of a flood. I tried with no luck to move my washing machine cussing in German under my breath. (If it is in another language it isn't bad right?) I ran back upstairs to see if someone could help me move the washer and all three of my friends were down there in a flash. We got it pulled out and couldn't see if anything was broken, all we could see was water gushing out of where my washing machine should be draining from.
I quickly called Bobby to find out where the water shut off was (Yes I know I should have known where that was before!) and made my way under the house to turn it off. That stopped the flow of water but we now had 4 adults and 4 children that use the "facilities", have to wash hands and all of those things. Luckily no one had to "go".
I called the utility place who sent out guys to check the main sewer line. It was fine which meant it was our line. We called a local guy who is very highly recommended. He came out right after finishing another job and did a fantastic job of fixing the problem. He and his son dug a hole that Kelsey had conveniently started for them and put a hole through the clay pipe. Right before they closed the hole he showed me the roots they had pulled out of the pipe and also said "no wipes are flushable even if it says it on the box". Apparently the roots were bad enough but our lovely flushable Kandoo wipes finished off the blockage. $224 later....We won't be flushing flushable wipes anymore...
To finish off our Water Fun day we pulled out a water mat I picked up on sale at Target the other day. The kids were so excited about it and ran inside to get swim suits on. They had a fantastic time running through the water and splashing around. Our little friend from down the street came over to play too. The fun ended when the mosquito's came out and we had to head inside. Both kids were exhausted from the day. I can't blame them I am exhausted too. Hopefully I will sleep as well as they are when my head hits the pillow.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    WOW! Never knew that about Kandoo wipes! We will mark them off our list too! That stinks! Glad it's fixed now though. What a day.

  2. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Well consider yourself lucky for finding the flood before it got worse - my parents just moved BACK into their house after a major water leak over several hours ruined the entire house in FEBRUARY!

    I am just so impressed you went under the house to shut the water off - now that's german to me! No way I'd know how to do that!vbyrqyz


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