Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things I pray for my children

Today at MOPS we had a speaker that asked us what kind of things we pray for our children. These are a few of mine:
That they will have a generous spirit.
That they will come to know Christ at an early age.
That their walk with Christ will be their walk not mine.
That they will be able to stand up for themselves when necessary.
That they will meet and marry solid Christians.
That they will always have a sense of right and wrong and will choose what is right.
That they will be adventurous and will take chances.
That they will be able to see hurting people and want to help them.
That they choose their friends wisely.
That through hardships they persevere.
That they always know that I love them.
That they stay healthy.

What are some of the things you pray for your kids?


  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Hey girl, great blog. i agree with all of yours and pray for those as well. One big thing for me is that they will stand up for what they believe in and not back down b/c what someone else believes in is "cooler" in the world's eyes. I want my kids to be confident in themselves and in what they believe. Now , I don't want them to be so opinionated on every topic that no one wants to be around them , but if someone is encouraging them to do something that is wrong or talking about something say evolution, then yeah I want them to "stand up for what they believe in", cause you never know who needs to hear the "Good News"!!
    I hope that wasn't to long!!
    Love ya girl!

  2. that's so sweet and inspiring for me. my brain's not working well right now (too tired!) but i will revisit this in my own blog and link you if that's okay. i love it!