Season Finales

Bobby and I probably watch way too much TV. But, we only have 1 TV so at least we are watching together!
Tonight was Season Finale night in our house. The Office concluded with a 1 hour show, Greys Anatomy was 10 minutes longer than normal, and we wondered if ER will every be cancelled.
Both of us love The Office. We heard that Jenna Fisher that plays Pam broke her back. Not good. It sounds like she will be healed up though and ready to shoot the next season.
I love Greys Anatomy and cried just like everyone else who watched it when Burke told everyone his vows.
We have been loyal ER watchers for years. I think it is time for it to go. It is just hard for us to pull ourselves away from a show we have watched for so long.
What shows do you love that you can't wait to see next season?


  1. I got to watch the CSI finale and Greys Anatomy last night. Also, I had really gotton in to Jericho but of course, CBS cancelled it!

  2. AMERICAN IDOL - what in the world will i do without it?

    and ugly betty.

    and heroes.

    good grief. my summer's going to be a long one!

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    We love 24! This year's finale was really good up until the last 10 minutes. Ron loves Lost. As for me... well I'm lost. I just don't get that show. Maybe if I watched more than 2 episodes I would get it. My new favorite show this season was Jericho. It gives me nightmares but still...exciting TV.- Angela


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