Wednesday, May 23, 2007


to say...or so much I don't know where to start. Suzanne had a great post the other day that made me smile and think about perspective. The last couple of days have been hmm, less than stellar. My kids are getting sneakier. Don't get me wrong, they have had their moments of greatness but it doesn't help when they have a tired mommy. I have been up really late pretty much every night since Friday. I am usually a pretty good morning person but they last two mornings have not been good. It might have something to do with my new pillow too. It is just not working out.

Yesterday I was trying to get the bathroom cleaned when I realized both of my children were laughing really hard. Now, normal laughing is fine but this sounded kind of....maniacal. I came out of the office to find they have taken chalk and colored the cabinet doors, the trash can, the stove, the TV screen, the piano keys, the couch cushions, the dining room table and the floor. Understandable I was NOT pleased. I sent Munchkin into the bathroom to await my wrath. Little Man did not have any incriminating evidence (chalk dust, or chalk) anywhere so he missed out. After I calmed down I went in the bathroom and told Munchkin to get some wipes and that she was going to clean up the chalk immediately. She did exactly what she was told which means she knew she had done something naughty on purpose and that I was really mad. Her attitude was so good about it it made me feel better too.
I don't think I would have been so mad had I not just cleaned the trash can lid earlier in the morning (who thinks to clean the lid anyway?). A dumb thing to be mad about I suppose but it was one more thing on top of tired mommy issues.

This morning started out OK but as soon as both kids were up at 6:15 there was constant noise for about 45 minutes. I am still a tired mommy today but things are already looking up. After I cleaned up the entire box of Barbie Fairytopia cereal that had been dumped on the floor and covered in milk I discovered Munchkin had been trying to help Little Man get breakfast. Hence the noise/fighting. But you have to be proud of her for trying right?

I was at a scrap retreat this weekend and got 52 pages done. Sometimes I wonder why I scrapbook. It takes a lot of time and I wonder if anyone really wants to look at the books. But, I go on retreats like this and look at the cute pictures of my kids and hubby and events and remember why I do it. I want them to know what they were like when they were little and I want to remember them when they were little. Then I can look back on days like these and laugh about it.

Here is to a better day.

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  1. I'm so not a picture person but both my kids are. So keep on scrapbooking.... I know my adult kids would have loved to have had some scrapbooks to look at.

    As for I feel guilty? Heck no! They're 20 and 22...and still ALIVE. Just whom should they thank for that?!?!?!?!