Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Little Man is 3....almost

Well, he won't actually be three for another week but that didn't stop us from having his birthday party yesterday. Grandpa Bob is here (Bobby's dad) for the weekend so we thought it would be a good time to have the party. As an added bonus every time Bobby's dad comes out the two of them do some sort of project on the house. One year they fixed the faucet in the tub, another year they rebuilt our deck stairs. This years project was to rescreen our back porch. Kelsey had torn about a 2 foot section of screen off all the way around and it looked horrible. They have worked really hard on it though and it is almost finished.
Everyone started arriving around 4, and we started eating around 4:15ish. We had burgers, hot dogs and Shrek macaroni, chips, baked beans and a veggie tray. Munchkin got a plate full of veggies that I later had to pick up off the carpet. She normally loves veggies but I think she was a little distracted by all of the other activity. She had kind of a hard time with everything being about Little Man yesterday.
After dinner we let Little Man open his presents. It was such a difference from last year when he still didn't really get it. This year he knew it was his party and that the presents were for him. He LOVED opening his presents and seeing what was inside. He really wanted to play with each item as he opened them though. He loved everything he got but the transformers have been a huge hit....I am sure they will provide hours of entertainment....for him and his father.....
After presents we did cake. He was so excited to blow out his candles. There was no attempt to grab the candles or anything, just an excited boy ready for cake. His cake was actually cupcakes. It looked just like a cake on top but each person was just able to pull off their own chocolate or vanilla cupcake.
Once cake was done we wrangled the kids together and let them run in the sprinkler. It formed a small mud puddle that was a big hit with both of my children. They both jumped and splashed in it. The whole party from arrival to getting into the sprinkler was only about an hour and a half. I know both of my kiddos had a great time. Little Man loved having a party that was all about him.
Once everything quieted down grandpa brought out the presents from him and grandma (who we wish could have come out too!). Little Man had a little help from Munchkin opening them. Grandpa got him a new outfit that brings out his sweet blue eyes and an ambulance that he immediately went and found a driver for and slept with last night. Grandma had also sent 3 books for him that he will love and they also gave him an Intel guy that look like an astronaut. That spent the night in Little Mans bed too.
It was a long day but so much fun! Now if we could just get him to say he is 3 instead of 6!

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suzanne said...

oh fun!
cupcakes that look like a cake? i need more details, woman, give me a how-to!
so sweet. i love how the sleep with their new toys. it's one of the few things that have endured from my having children fantasies to having children reality!
and transformers are hit with my boys too.

i posted a year ago about jonah getting ready for kindergarten - reminds me so much of your post on munchkin. there's something about that age and looking back at their little life. ugh. i'm getting teary just typing about it.

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