Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am woman hear me roar

The last couple of days have been...interesting. I found out that Little Man will not be getting the inserts for his shoes because there was a paperwork glitch. I take that back he will be getting them but we will have to pay for them. He was supposed to get them 2 months before his 3rd birthday. His service coordinator told us that the file was on her bosses desk waiting for approval and her boss was out with pink eye. That was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday she finally called me back, backpedaling like crazy, to tell me that she has known since April 24th that he was not going to get them. So, she lied to me. I think she was hoping we wouldn't call back, that Little Man would age out of early intervention, and she would be able to avoid a confrontation. She really dropped the ball. Especially since we have been working on this since March 3rd, 3 months before his birthday. I am checking with Vandy tomorrow to see if they will pay for them since the paperwork was filed before working with TEIS on it. Our old service coordinator would have been on top of things and would have gotten it done. She was fantastic, we loved her and every therapist I talked to loved her. The new one wasn't feeling the love from anyone because she dropped the ball and didn't return phone calls. Grr.
Bobby heard me on the phone with her yesterday and said a little bit of Ruth was coming out. That would be my grandma. You didn't want to mess with her. I feel like I held my temper pretty well though. I did tell her boss today though some of the comments she made regarding Little Man and about her lack of professionalism. It was duly noted.

Second up on the list was working with the bank. That was not difficult just time consuming.

Third, I got a letter from Animal Control about my excessively barking dog. Yeah, she wears a bark collar, I never hear her when I am home and my neighbors have said they rarely hear her if at all. So apparently someone had nothing better to do than single my dog out. There are nights when I lay down and think "I hope no one thinks that is my dog barking right now since she is in the house." And mornings I wake up and think "I hope no one thinks that is my dog that has been barking the last 45 minutes out its window since Kelsey isn't even out there yet." Or "Wow the 5 dogs on my block are all going crazy because the mailman is walking by, good thing Kelsey has her bark collar on, she is so quiet." I called Animal Control. They said not to worry, they had a guy call last week that got a letter that doesn't even have a dog.

If anything, yesterday made me feel stronger. I know I can deal with these people and these issues. I don't have to be screaming to get things done. A little prayer to control my temper and I am good to go.
Tomorrow is Little Mans last day of therapy. He ages out of early intervention next Wednesday so we say goodbye to all of our therapists. It comes at a good time. He is pretty close to where he is supposed to be at age 3 so we will probably see about going in for a 6 month check up to see how he is doing. I think I am sadder than he is. He doesn't really understand that tomorrow is his last therapy day. If he needs to go back in the future we will definitely try to go to the same therapists. They have had a huge impact on all of our lives and I am sad for the transition to not seeing them every week helping my Little guy.
I guess here is to the next big thing....

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