Friday, May 11, 2007

Here's yer sign

Bobby's dad is a big fan of Bill Envalls shtick "Here's your sign". We will all be laughing about something and all of a sudden he will say "Here's yer sign!" It always gets a laugh around here. Yesterday Bobby and I were apparently wearing signs that said "Talk to us about our t-shirts". We got a check in the mail (hallelujah!) so we went to dinner at Outback. Munchkin had eaten a good lunch and snack so I figured she could share my salad and whatever Bobby was having. Little Man had eaten a great lunch and we knew he would probably fill up on milk and bread and refuse anything else. So we only had to buy for the two of us.
When our server came to the table he noticed Bobby's Seattle Mariners shirt (from 1997) and struck up a conversation about Seattle. He was also wearing a Seattle shirt under his work shirt. I was really hoping he was not planning on stripping for us before taking our order (or ever for that matter). Not long after another server walked by and noticed my Switchfoot T-shirt. He decided to educate us on what Jon Foreman is doing with Reliant K these days. I actually got 2 comments on that shirt yesterday which was unusual since I don't normally get comments and I have probably been wearing it once a week for the last, oh dear, I guess almost 3 years. Yeah, we went to that concert when I was pregnant with Little Man at Rocketown.
Bobby pointed to his sleeve there the little logo was and said "Here's my sign!" Which of course made us laugh.
Unfortunately I think our sign is "Go buy new clothes that haven't been worn for 10 years". Maybe next time we are out we will have a conversation about how cool we are instead of realizing how lacking in our fashion sense we are. Or, maybe not. We like our ten year old t-shirts.

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