Saturday, May 05, 2007

Have you been struck by lightening? We have....

Well, I suppose not directly but the building we were in got struck. Last night we were given the opportunity to trade out some babysitting and jumped at the chance. There is a brand new theatre that opened last night in Gallatin and Spiderman 3 opened so of course it was the thing to do.
Bobby tried to buy tickets online but their code monkey apparently has problems with scripts so the site wasn't working.

We dropped our kiddos off at Angela and Ron's and headed for Gallatin. We stopped by the theatre thinking we would be lucky to get tickets to the 8:00 show. There were very few people there so he got our tickets and we sped off to dinner. Since we had about an hour and a half we decided sit down wouldn't cut it with the wait and everything. So instead of O'Charleys, Chili's or Longhorn we hit Zaxbys. I like that place a lot. It is fast food but nicer atmosphere and better food than most fast food places.
We got back to the theatre around 7 and had an hour to hang out and wait. We hit the concession stand, looked at all of the posters and ran into a guy and his wife that Bobby workds with. One of the cool things about the theatre was free refills. The drinks are all out where you can get them yourself.
We finally got into the theatre. It has stadium seating, plush rocking chairs, and of course DLP technology. There was a sense of excitement from everyone, not just about the movie but about being in a brand new theatre. It had almost a new car smell to it...until Bobby opened his twizzlers. :)
The lights started to dim for the previews and everyone cheered. Bobby and I thought we were in for at least 20 minutes worth of previews but I think there were only 3. Sometimes I start to feel like Elaine in Seinfeld at the movies. (Was that an SNL sketch or an actual episode? )

About an hour into the movies smack in the middle of a huge action sequence everything went dark. A few seconds later the lights came back on. I decided a trip to the ladies room was in order since we seemed to be having an intermission. There were people coming out of all of the theatres to refill their drinks, go to the restroom and find out what was happening. When I got back a girl came in and apologized for the delay, that we had been struck by lightening and that they would get the movie back on as soon as they could. After another 5 minutes she came back and gave everyone in the theatre a free ticket to come back any time. Before they had finished handing them out to everyone the power came back on and we were back into Spideyland.

We were completely impressed with the service offered at this theatre. Of course it was spotless being opening night but they even came and opened the door for us as they saw us walking toward the entrance. I am sure they didn't expect to have to use rain check tickets the very first night. Because of the service everyone was content to wait on the movie to come back on and I think everyone left happy. Now, wouldn't it be nice if every business offered that kind of service?

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  1. one time when i was little the umbrella i was carrying was struck my a little bitty bolt (the plastic handle was broken off and i got popped, but just a little). and when i was in high school one hit a tree and carried to our house - fried several electrical things, smelled like sulphur and sounded like a gunshot. crazy.

    i'm so glad y'all are all alright. and still what a great date night!