Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brainwashing and evaluations

My husband has brain washed our daughter. Tonight we were headed home from church and Munchkin was having a conversation with herself. She was pretending to watch a race and she named Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon the winners. Then she had Kasey Kahne, Jimmie Johnson, and that guy in red (Dale Jr) and the guy in the orange car (Tony Stewart) also all winning at the same time. Bobby and I were giggling in the front seat because she got so many of the names right. Also, Kevin Harvick is Bobby's favorite driver so he was tickled that she had him winning first!

Today was Little Mans evaluation to see if he is going to go to Preschool in the fall. It was pretty amazing, he did things today that we have never seen him do. He came over to us and told us he had to potty, clearly answering questions that the evaluators asked, gave only 1 item to someone on request, and strung tiny beads. It didn't seem like the evaluators thought he would need more therapy. I may try to see if we can still get some services even if he doesn't qualify. With the ACC I want him to get as much as he can in these first few years when his brain is still pliable and elastic.

Crazy kids! I just love them!


  1. They are very amazing children!
    Love ya all,

  2. too funny on the racing! and awesome on the evals!

    btw, i weighed in on your homeschool debate.

    also, the green goo - start with water and food coloring and slowly add corntstarch - have them watch what happens as it gets thicker! and it cleans up easier than flour and water!

  3. Awesome news for Little Man... Sounds like he's definitely on track! God is good!