Thursday, April 19, 2007

Worship night

On Sunday Bobby had the opportunity to play a worship set with our friend Andrew at Harvest View Church in Murfreesboro. He used to play bass in Bobby's band Salient. It was a really cool night of music with several different musicians coming in to lead different songs.

The had this table set up with all of these candles lit. Unfortunately they were all blown out by the time I got over to take a picture. Both of the kids had kind of a hard time sitting still. Munchkin more than Little Man. She always seems to have a difficult time in a setting where she is supposed to listen to what is happening. But, she loves music so I am not sure what the problem was this time. I did bring an arsenal of snacks in my purse so that helped a little bit.

Little Man had moments of rapt attention and even danced a little bit to the music. The rest of the time he was sprawled on the floor playing with his matchbox cars.

This is a picture of Andrews parents. They both sang and lead worship for part of the service. It was so much fun.

This is Andrew and Vanessa's little girl. She is so precious! We went over to their house before the worship time to hang out and my kiddos wore her out playing with her. She fell asleep in her swing not long before we were supposed to leave to go to church. I love this little babies eyes! She always looks a little surprised and has a great laugh!

Here she is again with her sweet mommy Vanessa.
It was so cool to go hang out and just have a night of worship. I hope we get to hang out again in the near future!

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