Friday, April 20, 2007

MOPS Tea Party

Last night was my MOPS groups 2nd annual Tea Party. Last year we had it at a local tea house. This year it was at one of the girls houses from the group. It was a beautiful house in a lovely location. I wish I had taken a picture of the front door when we got there because it would have been a really cool picture. The steering team had put 3 tables out with china tea cups. Each person got to pick what kind of a mom they were. The titles ranged from Loving Life Mom to Oprah Loving Mom to Hiney Wiper. We all got a good laugh over that. The food was really good and the conversation even better. I do not really like fruit tea but I need to get the recipe for the fruit tea we had last night. It tasted a like there was cinnamon and cloves in it. It was yummy.

This is my friend Amy that rode out with me. I felt bad because I had to leave after the tea part. The ladies were headed up to hear several girls testimonies. I wanted to stay but we didn't have a babysitter and Bobby had a rehearsal so I had to get home. We each left with a bag of Wild Strawberry Tea and a spoon with chocolate on it. That will be a nice treat later this week.

There were lots of photo opportunities so I am putting up a few of the pictures I took.

Our table.

The tarts that were on our table.

One of the girls in our group makes cakes. If I can get a website address I will post it later. If you get a chance to try this cakes you will be amazed. The 2 cakes looked beautiful and tasted even better.


This was such a fun event. I loved going to it last year and I am glad we did it again this year. I think I even liked it better at the house. It seemed to make it a little more intimate. If any of you ladies that put the tea on read this you did a fantastic job! I would love to hear how the rest of the night went.

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