Saturday, April 28, 2007


I am not a fan of gardening. I like gardens. I respect people that have beautiful yards and the work they put into them. I myself am not a gardener. I don't like to be sweaty, I don't like spiders, I don't like weeding, and I pretty much kill every plant I touch*. We have been fortunate because the people that lived here before us had tulips, daffodils, and irises that come back every year. Our yard looks pretty decent with those until the weeds come. My neighbor made me feel guilty enough that we actually got out and weeded today. I was sweaty, I was dirty, there were spiders everywhere and we were pulling weeds. The only redeeming factor was that Bobby and I were out weeding together. Someday when money is no object we will have a gardener.

*I planted hydrangas last summer and they came back, froze a couple of weeks ago and are starting to sprout again...they are apparently very hardy.


  1. Oooh, I'll come plant things for you!! I'll even do your weeding. I love playing with dirt and plants and I've just about run out of room for new flowers over here!

    p.s. - you need daylilies. if you plant them with your spring flowers, they'll start growing when the spring blooms are fading, they're impossible to kill and they're gorgeous all summer long... oh, and they get big enough to hide weeds really well.

  2. Random props!

    Chanced on your site while I was trying to find out what to plant in our backyard.

    I think I have you beat. I kill cacti.