Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Last Monday was our first Easter egg hunt of the season. We met our MOPS group at the park and hung out for a few minutes while we waited for everyone to arrive. The first thing we did was check in and get a colored note card necklace for Munchkin. She got yellow and was instructed to only pick up yellow eggs. At first I wasn't sure how well that would work but it was a fantastic idea. The hunt lasted a lot longer than it did last year when it was a free for all. Little man isn't 3 yet so he hunted with the all the kids 3 and under in a different section. Last year he was not walking by himself yet so it fas fun to see the difference in him.

After the big hunt we hit the park for a picnic lunch and let the kids run wild. Munchkin took off with two of her friends and played with them the entire time. Little Man wasn't so sure but finally took off and climbed a little bit on the low equipment. Everyone was tired and dirty by the time we left.
My cuties before leaving for the park.

Bucket head boy.

Silly girls waiting to get hunting.

Check out all of my eggs!

Look at me jump!


Jennifer Kristen (Bopp) Cady said...

Karen ,

These are adorable! How cute are your little ones!

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