Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Last night was so much fun! I got to go to the CMT Award show with Angela, Becky and Sherry. Since Angela has a personal connection we got great seats. There was only one row in front of us and we decided we were sooooo over 30 since we were glad to be in the seats instead of smushed in the mosh pit. They packed the people in like sardines down there.

This is right before the show started. The stage was set so there was a ton of space for people to crowd in around the stage. We got to see some of the behind the scenes stuff too like how they get all the gear on and off the stage so fast...someday Bobby you will have roadies too!

Toby Keith walked right in front of us to head to the green room before the show ended and the crowd shots of Jeff Foxworthy we right in the section in front of us. Sorry for the quality, these are all from my camera phone.

Here is Carrie Underwood, the big award winner of the night:

A huge crow favorite: Bon Jovi
This is Becky during Hank Williams Jr. She was so excited and knew all of the motions to the song. I was really excited but this girl put me to shame!
One of the crowd favorite moments of the night was when Jeff Foxworthy said "We write songs about God because we believe in him" That statement said it all for the crowd that was there.
Thank you Angela and Ron for letting me be a part of this last night! I had a fantastic time with all three of you ladies!


  1. That's something I would have paid to see you - you three there. I bet you had a blast and laughed your heads off. Good girls night out!

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I had a blast! Glad we could hang together minus all the kiddos for a change! Love Ya, Ang

  3. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I bet you three had the BEST time. Girl time is a must!!! I'm sure the CMA's were a blast! How much fun! Love ya,

  4. oh my goodness!!!
    how awesome is that!
    i can't believe you were there!
    too much fun!