Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beautiful day!

What a lovely day. We got outside and enjoyed it too! Angela's little guy (the Big Kahuna) is turning 2 so we went and hung out in their cool backyard for a little BBQ (uh I me we grilled out hot dogs)...well, there was Whitts BBQ there too. Anywho, they got a water table for the Birthday Boy and it was a huge hit with all the kids. As soon as water was poured in it was like a magnet. Sometimes my daughter does things I think just to see what will happen. She took a full cup of water and poured it over The Big Kahunas head who just shook it off. I think Ron and Angela have a linebacker in their future!

After the party we headed for home stopping on the way at Dairy Queen. Cuz, ya know we just didn't have enough cake and ice cream for the day. We hung out and watched a little TV and then went back outside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Our neighbor brought her little boy over to play with my kids. She was out in her yard weeding so she could see him from where she was. Since there were so many people out on the street I felt pretty good about getting some of my yard work done. Bobby has a gig tonight so I am home with the kiddos. Munchkin, Little Man and our friend from down the street rode bikes, ran races, blew bubbles, and even played with a worm I dug out of my tulips. Munchkin learned all about regeneration in worms. I got my porch swept and my tulip bed all weeded while the kids played.
My child is an accident waiting to happen. She scraped her toe riding a bike after I told her to put her shoes on. Then she and the neighbor boy were running and ran their foreheads right into each other. She had a meltdown and he pointed to his head and said "ow" and was done. I think hers was right on her eyebrow though and that may have hurt worse. The neighbor boy fell off a bike and scraped his toe and that was the end of playtime. We finally came in the house around 7:45 and I just got the kids in bed. Whew.
We have got to take advantage of the days like this. It is beautiful and the mosquitoes are not out yet making it an ideal time to be outside!
What are your favorite outdoor activities?

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