Saturday, April 28, 2007


I am not a fan of gardening. I like gardens. I respect people that have beautiful yards and the work they put into them. I myself am not a gardener. I don't like to be sweaty, I don't like spiders, I don't like weeding, and I pretty much kill every plant I touch*. We have been fortunate because the people that lived here before us had tulips, daffodils, and irises that come back every year. Our yard looks pretty decent with those until the weeds come. My neighbor made me feel guilty enough that we actually got out and weeded today. I was sweaty, I was dirty, there were spiders everywhere and we were pulling weeds. The only redeeming factor was that Bobby and I were out weeding together. Someday when money is no object we will have a gardener.

*I planted hydrangas last summer and they came back, froze a couple of weeks ago and are starting to sprout again...they are apparently very hardy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Self Portrait

You Are Special

I got the book You Are Special at my first baby shower for Munchkin. My friend Amy gave it to me. We love books in our house so I was excited to get a a new one for our sweet baby. We started reading this to her very early even when she couldn't really understand. It has been a while since we read it and she pulled it out last night to read before bed. What a fantastic book. Every time I read it I smile because it talks about Eli's unconditional love for the Wemmick People. Just like Gods unconditional love for us. We matter to God no matter what others think. The illustrations are so sweet. If you don't have this book you should get it! Thank you Amy B!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let your yeh be yes

Little Man has been having some issues with his speech. At his evaluation he was in the desired range for comprehension but had a significant delay in articulation. We are still waiting to hear if he is going to get speech therapy before he ages out of early intervention in a month and a half. All that to say that all of a sudden a few of his words are very clearly articulated. In the last three days he has gone from yeh to yes, da-ee to daddy, coo-ies to cookies, he can even say his sisters name very clearly.
Not only has his articulation improved, his sentence structure has as well. Tonight he said "Mommy, you get up. Follow me that way" When I asked him what he needed he gave me a cute shy little grin and said "More cookies please."
As he is able to communicate better with his words he is throwing fewer fits, not that he threw many to begin with.
He will be testing soon to see if he qualifies for preschool and services in the fall. He is doing really well in all areas though. There is still a slight gross motor delay, some sensory issues, and some fine motor delay but if you just looked at him you wouldn't even know about the ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum).
I just love my sweet Little Man. It makes my heart happy that he is progressing so well but there is always that little twinge that he is growing up. I just want to hold onto every moment that I can.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beautiful day!

What a lovely day. We got outside and enjoyed it too! Angela's little guy (the Big Kahuna) is turning 2 so we went and hung out in their cool backyard for a little BBQ (uh I me we grilled out hot dogs)...well, there was Whitts BBQ there too. Anywho, they got a water table for the Birthday Boy and it was a huge hit with all the kids. As soon as water was poured in it was like a magnet. Sometimes my daughter does things I think just to see what will happen. She took a full cup of water and poured it over The Big Kahunas head who just shook it off. I think Ron and Angela have a linebacker in their future!

After the party we headed for home stopping on the way at Dairy Queen. Cuz, ya know we just didn't have enough cake and ice cream for the day. We hung out and watched a little TV and then went back outside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Our neighbor brought her little boy over to play with my kids. She was out in her yard weeding so she could see him from where she was. Since there were so many people out on the street I felt pretty good about getting some of my yard work done. Bobby has a gig tonight so I am home with the kiddos. Munchkin, Little Man and our friend from down the street rode bikes, ran races, blew bubbles, and even played with a worm I dug out of my tulips. Munchkin learned all about regeneration in worms. I got my porch swept and my tulip bed all weeded while the kids played.
My child is an accident waiting to happen. She scraped her toe riding a bike after I told her to put her shoes on. Then she and the neighbor boy were running and ran their foreheads right into each other. She had a meltdown and he pointed to his head and said "ow" and was done. I think hers was right on her eyebrow though and that may have hurt worse. The neighbor boy fell off a bike and scraped his toe and that was the end of playtime. We finally came in the house around 7:45 and I just got the kids in bed. Whew.
We have got to take advantage of the days like this. It is beautiful and the mosquitoes are not out yet making it an ideal time to be outside!
What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Friday, April 20, 2007

MOPS Tea Party

Last night was my MOPS groups 2nd annual Tea Party. Last year we had it at a local tea house. This year it was at one of the girls houses from the group. It was a beautiful house in a lovely location. I wish I had taken a picture of the front door when we got there because it would have been a really cool picture. The steering team had put 3 tables out with china tea cups. Each person got to pick what kind of a mom they were. The titles ranged from Loving Life Mom to Oprah Loving Mom to Hiney Wiper. We all got a good laugh over that. The food was really good and the conversation even better. I do not really like fruit tea but I need to get the recipe for the fruit tea we had last night. It tasted a like there was cinnamon and cloves in it. It was yummy.

This is my friend Amy that rode out with me. I felt bad because I had to leave after the tea part. The ladies were headed up to hear several girls testimonies. I wanted to stay but we didn't have a babysitter and Bobby had a rehearsal so I had to get home. We each left with a bag of Wild Strawberry Tea and a spoon with chocolate on it. That will be a nice treat later this week.

There were lots of photo opportunities so I am putting up a few of the pictures I took.

Our table.

The tarts that were on our table.

One of the girls in our group makes cakes. If I can get a website address I will post it later. If you get a chance to try this cakes you will be amazed. The 2 cakes looked beautiful and tasted even better.


This was such a fun event. I loved going to it last year and I am glad we did it again this year. I think I even liked it better at the house. It seemed to make it a little more intimate. If any of you ladies that put the tea on read this you did a fantastic job! I would love to hear how the rest of the night went.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Worship night

On Sunday Bobby had the opportunity to play a worship set with our friend Andrew at Harvest View Church in Murfreesboro. He used to play bass in Bobby's band Salient. It was a really cool night of music with several different musicians coming in to lead different songs.

The had this table set up with all of these candles lit. Unfortunately they were all blown out by the time I got over to take a picture. Both of the kids had kind of a hard time sitting still. Munchkin more than Little Man. She always seems to have a difficult time in a setting where she is supposed to listen to what is happening. But, she loves music so I am not sure what the problem was this time. I did bring an arsenal of snacks in my purse so that helped a little bit.

Little Man had moments of rapt attention and even danced a little bit to the music. The rest of the time he was sprawled on the floor playing with his matchbox cars.

This is a picture of Andrews parents. They both sang and lead worship for part of the service. It was so much fun.

This is Andrew and Vanessa's little girl. She is so precious! We went over to their house before the worship time to hang out and my kiddos wore her out playing with her. She fell asleep in her swing not long before we were supposed to leave to go to church. I love this little babies eyes! She always looks a little surprised and has a great laugh!

Here she is again with her sweet mommy Vanessa.
It was so cool to go hang out and just have a night of worship. I hope we get to hang out again in the near future!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Last night was so much fun! I got to go to the CMT Award show with Angela, Becky and Sherry. Since Angela has a personal connection we got great seats. There was only one row in front of us and we decided we were sooooo over 30 since we were glad to be in the seats instead of smushed in the mosh pit. They packed the people in like sardines down there.

This is right before the show started. The stage was set so there was a ton of space for people to crowd in around the stage. We got to see some of the behind the scenes stuff too like how they get all the gear on and off the stage so fast...someday Bobby you will have roadies too!

Toby Keith walked right in front of us to head to the green room before the show ended and the crowd shots of Jeff Foxworthy we right in the section in front of us. Sorry for the quality, these are all from my camera phone.

Here is Carrie Underwood, the big award winner of the night:

A huge crow favorite: Bon Jovi
This is Becky during Hank Williams Jr. She was so excited and knew all of the motions to the song. I was really excited but this girl put me to shame!
One of the crowd favorite moments of the night was when Jeff Foxworthy said "We write songs about God because we believe in him" That statement said it all for the crowd that was there.
Thank you Angela and Ron for letting me be a part of this last night! I had a fantastic time with all three of you ladies!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Southern Womens Show

If you are a snob like me from California the thought of a Southern Women's Show sounds...well...kinda froufy. It conjures images of little girls with giant bows on their heads, extremely large hair, and gowns from Gone with the Wind. When I mentioned it to Munchkin she was so excited. I think it was the free samples that got her interested. Yes, we are that family that traipses through Sam's Club looking for the free samples after church on Sunday. Admit it! You do it too!
After parking downtown and finding our way to the Nashville Convention Center I paid my $8 to enter the convention. We were overwhelmed to say the least. Little Man was in his stroller, which was great because he gets kind of nervous in big crowds. Our first stop was the Crocs booth. I picked up a pair of navy blue Crocs for me and hot pink Mary Jane Crocs for Munchkin. She had been eying them for awhile so it was an opportune time to get them. They also had mini donuts coated in Cinnamon Sugar. Since it was lunch time the three of us shared a small bag of them.
One of the vendors was called Eye Kandy. The little sign said $2 for application or free with purchase. Well, one look at Munchkin and the girl asked if they could put it on her. They gave her a little red heart and some white sparkles on her cheeks. She got comments on it the rest of the day. She also spun the prize wheel at a modeling booth and won some gold Mardi Gras beads.
There were tons of booths for travel, ring cleaning, losing 20 pounds in 5 days, and ummm girly parties (if you know what I mean). There were booths for scrapbooking, rhinestone cowboy hats, tons of jewelry, a couple of embroidery companies and even 1 astrologer. Yeah, we skipped that one.
One of Munchkins very favorite things was that she "got to dance with a ma-yun!(man, yes she sounds country)" There was a dance company giving lessons and the man (he was about 19) started spinning her around in the aisle while I filled out a form to win a free dance lesson. He then spun her out onto the dance floor and even dipped her at the end of the song. It was the sweetest thing. She was just thrilled when she got done dancing. After that I am pretty sure I saw Little Mans Kindermusik teacher MCing the HCA Broadway Hits show. We stayed and watched 3 songs until we realized we need to keep moving if we wanted to see everything.
Munchkin spotted a big colorful prize wheel at the Tennessean booth and we each got to spin. Munchkin won a little coin purse and I won a comic strip umbrella. That came in handy since it was raining when we left the convention center.
Feeling lucky I played Plinko at the Curves booth. You could win a free week, 2 free weeks, a free month or a small gift. I won a month free to Curves! There is one fairly close so that will be fun to try out. After all that we stood in a line that stretched all the way around one end of a row and halfway down the other side to get free ice cream. We made it to the Purity Frozen Yogurt and tried that out instead of waiting until we got all the way around. The kids didn't see any difference between that and regular ice cream and ate every bite. While in that line we saw a little animal flying up in the air and had to check it out. The guy at the booth was shooting the little flying monkeys 50 feet in the air. So, we of course had to have 2 of those. I for some reason didn't anticipate exactly how annoying they would be. They didn't sound nearly as loud and obnoxious as they are when we were in the convention center.
The very last thing we did was go back to the nail polish booth. Munchkin wanted to have a butterfly put on her thumbnail so, since she had been so good the entire time we went back and did that. I got suckered into buying that kit but it has come in handy tonight since I am watching a friends kiddos.
oh yeah, a plumbing company also gave each of the kids a mini plunger. They were immediately attached to their chins which garnered them even more attention for the other convention goers.
We had a fantastic day. I know it would be a lot of fun to go to with a girlfriend and leave the kids with a sitter but I had so much fun with both kids today. They both had great attitudes, followed directions, and asked before taking candy off of any of the tables. I think I could see myself taking Munchkin in future years for a mother/daughter date. I did run into a couple of ladies from church that seemed shocked that I would bring my kiddos with me. I think more that I wasn't taking a break for me to be there.
As far as the snob from California, we all have our stereotypes and the big haired, catty, plantation one was broken when we moved here. This was a great convention to go to and will I probably go again in the future.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Party Girl

Whew, I feel like I have been the party girl lately. I think I am just about done selling Pampered Chef so it has given me time to host a few parties. I just had an Arbonne party where I got $100 worth of free products and now I will be hosting an Usborne Book party next week. I go to these things thinking I am not going to host a party but then I get there and the products are so good and I want them all. I might as well get some for free right? I also usually do them to help out a friend that is selling the product. Maybe because so many friends helped me get started with PC. At least they are fun and I get to hang out with friends when I host them or go to them. Plus, I love entertaining and having people over. What do you think of all these home based businesses? I would love to hear some opinions.

Growing up too fast

The other night we had to run a couple of errands. Munchkin was none to happy that we decided to skip Walmart and go home instead. With an exasperated sigh she said "I need to get my license...and soon!" Did I mention she is 4? :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Gatlinburg with Beth and Angela and our 6 kids. I am exhausted and I am sure they are too. As soon as I can get pictures off the camera I will get some posted and tell more about the trip.