Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Witching Hour

I know most mothers have this same problem. You get in the kitchen and start cooking dinner. You have a pot with boiling water, ground beef browning, and vegetables to cut up. Daddy is not home from work yet and your children choose that moment of the day to really have it out with each other. It's not just once in awhile, it is every time you get in the kitchen to cook dinner.

Last night I was making Baked Ziti and was actually enjoying the process when I realized that things were far too quiet. No screaming, hitting, blaming, or owies. I thought I should go check on what was happening expecting the worst (lotion spread all over the carpet, nail polish in the carpet, playing in the cat litter box). To my delight and surprise both Munchkin and Little Man were in chairs next to the computer. Munchkin turned when I came in the office and said "I am just teaching him how to play this game on the computer mommy!" They stayed in there playing nicely together until after I had finished preparing dinner. Sweet kids! We'll see if we can have more days like that in the near future!

What do you do with your kids while you are cooking?

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  1. What's cooking? I'm unfamiliar with the term... :) With working this year, I have really slacked in that area! BUT, when I do cook, more often than it sounds, mine both like to sit up on the counter and help. Katie Beth is pretty good at things, and Everett, well, he just wants to stick his hands it whatever it is or have a bite. But, it's fun having them in there most of the times.

    I need your baked ziti recipe!