Friday, March 16, 2007

A Week and Beer

How on earth has it been almost a week since I posted a blog? I suppose it could be that it has been a busy one. Nothing earth shattering just busy.
I had a Pampered Chef order come in and had to pick up and deliver some of it Monday. That was a fun day. I got to hang out for a bit with my friend Melanie. My kiddos had fun playing with her little girl on the swing set while we chatted. Then I got to see one of my friends (I think I know at least 6 Amy's) named Amy who was at her parents house (a lot closer than her house) along with her 2 little girls. THEN, I got to hang out with my friend Beth when I delivered her PC stuff and Munchkin and Little Man got to play with her boys. I think I got to visit more in one day than I do some months!
I hosted an Arbonne party on Thursday and got a bunch of cool free goodies. That was after a day of swimming lessons and scrapbooking with Angela.
Tonight my friend Patti was here from Alabama. I haven't seen her in 7 years so it was so much fun to catch up with each other. It was way too short and Munchkin was very disappointed that she didn't get to play Uno with her. After having a meltdown Munchkin passed out in her bed. She was way too tired from staying out with daddy last night.

Now for the beer. I went to a Tastefully Simple party not too long ago and ordered some beer bread. You can make it with soda or beer but it tasted really good with the beer in it. Now, I myself am not a beer drinker. I can't stand the taste of it and couldn't stand driving past the beer factory when we lived in CA because of the smell. I don't buy beer. BUT, I wanted some for my bread. While I was in the grocery store one day I was by the beer case and couldn't figure out if I could buy just one. So I talked to a friend and she recommended I go to the gas station to get one.
The next day we had to get gas and Munchkin of course had to go potty right away. We pulled up, ran in to potty and when we came back out I noticed there was a whole section of mismatched beer. So I picked one out and took it to the counter. I really try not to take my children into gas stations. Why? Must I remind you about the dish soap once again? You can't contain children in a gas station! There are no carts! While I was at the counter buying my one lonely little bottle of beer my children were trying to get bubble gum out of a bucket, asking me what you use pads for, and asking me if we needed a quart of oil. The guy at the counter looked at me and asked "Do you NEED a cold one?" I sheepishly looked back and told him it was for bread...which it really was. I guess he thought I really did need a cold one with all that was going on behind me!

It sounds like my kids are hellions and they really aren't. Please don't be afraid to go places with us...

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  1. Kimberly Thomas7:49 PM

    RIGHT -- for bread. After that dish soap reminder?