Saturday, March 10, 2007

A second note on links

Since this post I have reorganized a little bit. I switched over to the new blogger and added some links. I just wanted to add in some info about the new links that have been added.

Rapture Song- Kacey
I heard about Kacey when she started dating Bobby's best friend Geoff. Bobby got to be their best man in Oregon and then they moved down to So. Cal not too far from us. We got to hang out during the summer at the pool at their apartment and do all kinds of crazy things. Kacey is a genuine solid Christian wife and mom that is honest and loving. She and Geoff actually got up with us at 4 in the morning to eat breakfast with us at Denny's before we moved across the country.

Weight Loss Blog
Just a little blog about weight loss

The next group are all friends from church. Our Sunday School class/Connect Group is going through some changes right now and it is nice to be able to keep up with each other this way.

Roots - Jenn Cady
Jenn has 2 kiddos. Her little girl is a little bit younger than Munchkin but they get along great. She is fun to hang out with, and if you get the chance, you should hear her sing! Her posts are always very insightful and inspiring.

The Mysterious Mind - Katie Carmen
Katie has been in the Connect group for quite awhile now. Her husband Ray is Ray of Razor Rays World. She has two sweet girls that like to play in the dirt.

Laura Horton
Laura and Aaron came from another church a couple of years ago and have been a huge blessing to our Sunday School class.

By Naomi Blog - Miriam
I think that Miriam is using her blog to post pictures from her photo class. She and her hubby moved away for a little while but are back now and we are so glad. They were missed!

Sarahisms - Sarah Andrews
Sarah is brand new to the blogosphere. She has been reading for awhile and finally took the plunge. This girl will tell ya like it is (and that is a good thing)! :)

Looking Glass - Sarah Meek
Sarah is also pretty new to the blog thing. She is a sweet friend with a sassy streak!

The Juillerats - Stephani and Ben
We have known Ben and Stephani almost since we started going to Longhollow. They were Daily Planet fans when Bobby was in that band but more importantly are still our friends now.

Aaron' Ramblings - Aaron Horton
See Laura :)

Pour Out - Chris Thomas
This is Chris' techno/work blog. He is married to Kim who is updating their other blog The Thomas Report.

I think those are all of the new links for now. If you have a blog you update fairly regularly and would like to be added to my list let me know!
Also, if you would like to add anything to the info about your page you can do that in the comments as well. Or, you can let me know in the comments which is your favorite to visit when you link from my site. :)


  1. Karen,
    My post about forgiveness is mysteriously gone. I kid you not. Just not there. Not anywhere. I am in shock. How weird...maybe someone saved it? I'll ask around:)

  2. I must be more outspoken than I thought b/c I keep getting this description of me.

  3. hmm, our apartment in Azusa...All I can think of is Bobby jumping into the pool cannon ball style clucking like a chicken. Some things are priceless.(for everything else, there's mastercard) Geoff and I still laugh about it:)

  4. Daily Planet...those were the days. Do you remember when they played at that coffee house (in White House) for Ben like a billion years ago...way before kids? Time goes by way too fast!

  5. Ba-kaw!

    Those were the days...