Thursday, March 29, 2007

I despise Starbucks

I take that back. I don't despise Starbys as we affectionately call it. I despise the attitude toward children. There are no high chairs for the little ones and no changing tables in the rest room. Those are items we have outgrown but I remember that from not that long ago. That is not even the worst. It is the customers that have no tolerance for children even when they are being angelic.

Munchkin had swimming this morning I wanted to run through the drive thru and get a mocha light frappachino. There were 6 cars lined up and I knew that would take 20 minutes of my time that I didn't have. I drove around front and there was 1 person in line in the store. I got the kids out, gave them the spiel about staying right with me, not running, blah blah blah. The woman in front of me just had an aura of money about her. Large jewelry draped her neck and she had gotten out of a fancy car. She was not the customer that ticked me off.

This woman came in behind us. I had let the kids each get a $5 chocolate milk out of the case and had ordered my drink. The woman pushed up behind us like we were completely in her way or not even there. She looked like she had just eaten a lemon. I probably shouldn't be mean, maybe she was late for work or maybe she just really needed her coffee. While we were waiting for my drink I was standing to one side with both kids standing right next to me. Neither of them said a word and they were being still. That woman pushed past us to the drink station like we had no business being in the store at all. I got my drink and we headed out the door. As soon as I opened the door the woman dropped her change all over the floor. There wasn't much so I stayed there with the door open until she could get out. She just pushed right past and jumped in her car. Its a good thing my kids weren't in the way since she just might have run them over.

This is not the first customer in a Starbucks that has had this attitude with us. Now I know my kids have their moments but the last times we have gone there they have been great. It just seems like these people go in there and think people with children are lower than dirt and should be relegated to places like McDonald's, even if it is just running in for a drink and 2 milks. Grr.

As for that woman, who knows what her deal was today. I don't know her situation and she probably has her reasons for acting like a jerk to us. All I can do is say a prayer for her that she day would be better than it looked like it started out...and maybe I should write a letter to Starbucks about changing tables and high chairs.

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  1. Dad is in full agreement and will even write the letter for you.