Saturday, March 31, 2007

Go Play in the Freeway

Bobby and I had a funny conversation this morning. Both of us are constantly telling our kids things like: don't eat that off the ground, don't run out in the street always hold a hand, get that out of your mouth, wash your hands that thing was germy, etc.

This morning there was a little parade near our house. It is the beginning of baseball/softball season (Sarah and Angela are jumping for joy) so all of the little league teams drive down the main street honking and throwing candy to the kids. We heard last year about 15 minutes before the parade that it was happening so we walked up and joined in the fun. Today we were headed out to go get donuts and about half of the parade had passed by already. Bobby jumped out of the car with both of the kids and ran over to the sidewalk. The guy driving the truck saw them and told the little leaguers to throw candy to my kids since they were the only ones at that corner. Several more trucks passed and threw candy. Bobby helped our kiddos clean it up. He also told them to get the ones in the street. He was right with them but it still struck us as funny that we were telling the kids to pick up candy, from strangers, off the ground, and go get it out of the street. It is no wonder kids get confused.

We also went to an Easter Egg hunt at the baseball field followed by a free lunch put on by one of the churches in our neighborhood. Little Man collected about 20 eggs. I knew he was done when he started chucking them out of his basket. Munchkin collected more than he did and got a prize slip. She won a little stuffed dog along with all the candy in her eggs. Our neighbors were also there and gave Little Man one of their prizes since their little guy got 3 slips.

It has been a fun day so far with a lot more to come. But I will leave you with a question: What kinds of contradictory things do you tell your kids?

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