Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ever After

Today while I was out with my kiddos at the grocery store I ran across the movie Ever After on DVD. I have had the tape for a long time but finally caved and bought the DVD. Munchkin and I just finished watching it together since it is a Cinderella Story.

Can I just say, I LOVE that movie. Every time I see it it makes me smile. Plus, when I was in the hospital waiting to have Munchkin (after the best epidural ever) we sat and watched it. Even better, when I was in the hospital waiting to have Little Man it was on TV.

Bobby and I both like the special features on DVDs. The only one that this included was the trailer for the movie. As soon as I saw it I remember seeing the preview and wanting to go see it. If you haven't seen Ever After you must go get it right now and watch it!

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