Monday, March 05, 2007

+ and -

+It is a beautiful day in Tennessee. We got to play outside for over an hour after Little Mans nap.
-We may die from smoke inhalation. My neighbor decided this afternoon would be a good time to burn all of her sticks in her back yard.

+We have a beautiful shade tree in our front yard
-It may have Silver Maple Canker Disease. When we got home last night it looked like someone had killed something and wiped it down the tree. This morning it doesn't look that bad but it is bleeding a copious amount of a watery substance.

+I get to meet Bobby with the kiddos for dinner at a brand new Mexican place
-I know it will taste great but I will probably have a stomach ache later...but maybe not. :)

+Did I mention the sun is out and it is beautiful here!
+Girl Scout cookies (especially samoas)
+I have found some great deals at consignments sales in the last week
-I am trying to sort stuff to consign and we have A LOT

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  1. It's beautiful here too. I raked pine needles and puttered around while the girls played on their bikes. We went for a walk with the girls in the wagon. They LOVE to be outside, and boy does it make it easier on mama. No mess to clean up afterwards!!