Saturday, February 17, 2007

Slave to Advertising

I really didn't think it would happen. I really didn't think my children would be sucked in by the world of advertising. Boy was I wrong! While driving around in the snow this afternoon the song Don't You Want Me Baby came on the radio. As Bobby and I were singing along like the good 32 year olds we are (it came out in 81) we realized Munchkin was singing along as well. All of a sudden she got really excited and practically yelled "I know this song! This is from that commercial with the cookies in the car and the big hand keeps taking them out!" She was right. She saw that commercial during the Super Bowl and it stuck!

This is not the first commercial that has stuck with her. She told me we needed to get some cleaning product she had seen and she really wants to get Hooked On Phonics so she can learn to read.

On a slightly different note, we were with the Jackson's at Chickfila when Munchkin disappeared. Little Man had already thrown his cup away but wanted more to drink. All of sudden here comes Munchkin with another drink for her brother. When I asked her where she got it she got all cute and shy and said I just asked for it. She then said "I just said may I please have another drink for my little brother?" And they gave it to her! What am I in for when this child is a teenager?

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  1. oh what a sweet big sister! and SO capable! wow!

    i don't think you CAN keep the advertising from sinking in! but that's alright i still fall prey to it - during the superbowl i kept thinking, "i could really use some pizza right now!"

    i'm sorry i've fallen behind in reading - i've only given up something one year for lent - it was make-up, i felt very called to give that up. and it was not easy - but, you're right, i thought of Him constantly and praised Him for the way He made the whole time. i should observe lent again - it really changes your focus. i have a best friend that observes it every year. amazing stuff.