Thursday, February 15, 2007


I have such a sweet hubby! :) Wednesdays are always busy for us but yesterday really did us in. I had MOPS in the morning plus I had to teach Munchkins class that night at church. That didn't really leave us much time to have a date. So, we had a date in the middle of the day. After MOPS I dropped Munchkin and Little Man off at the Jackson's house to play, then I met Bobby at the movies. We saw Music and Lyrics which was a really sweet Valentine movie to see. At MOPS I had won a $10 gift certificate to O'Charleys so we went there for an early dinner. Then we had to get back to church.
When I got home Bobby was furiously typing away on his laptop. Earlier I had joked about no flowers at the movie theater and he had joked back about "not yet!" I love flowers as much as the next girl but you know the way to this girls heart is chocolate. Well, when I got home he told me he was really upset because he had ordered something for me and it wasn't here yet. He was emailing whoever it was to tell them how disappointed he was. Guess what came today? My See's candy came today while we were out at swimming lessons. The man knows me too well!

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