Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fundom Kids

Some friends and I went to a place called Fundom Kids the other day. It is an old roller rink that is now set up in stations for kids to play at. A big favorite was the little kitchen and the realistic pan pizza (pea-yas). Another fun thing..stacking blocks and kicking them down. We moms liked Pedal Town. All of the kiddos got their own car and drove like crazy little teenagers. They were not supposed to go on the big pedal cars but that didn't stop Sara from taking her sweet girl for a spin.
If you live in the area this is a great place for a cold day. 2 hours went by really fast for all of us!

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Anonymous said...

As I googled "Fundom Kids" your blog came up. I thought I might let you know that during June each Tuesday is half price day and the first 5 families each Thursday get Holly Hobbie Movie tickets.

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