Saturday, February 24, 2007

Conversation in the back seat

The other day I was taking a friends daughter to dance class. She had been playing at our house that afternoon and the girls had had a great time. They had played veterinarian, tea party, ballet, dress up, Wii-Play, and had had lunch. Munchkin rode in Little Mans car seat while our friend rode in her booster seat. The two girls were drawing on leftover valentines they had found in the back seat. Here was their conversation:
Munchkin: I am drawing on this valentine for you!
Friend: Why are you scribbling? That is for babies.
Munchkin: Well, I liked to scribble when I was 1 and I liked to scribble when I was 2, and I still like to scribble!
Friend: Well, we are still kids since you are 4 and I am 5.

I almost laughed out loud but kept listening.

Friend: Why do you like your brothers carseat so much?
Munchkin: Well, when he is in it I can stick stuff under him and Mommy doesn't know. Then he has to sit on stuff.

At this point I had to say "I can hear you back there!" I wondered how he got a half eaten sucker under his bum the other day.

Munchkin will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and I have been a little worried about how she will stand up to other kids. I don't think I am going to have to worry too much.

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