Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What a weekend!

This weekend some friends and I went on a little scrapbooking retreat. There were 9 of us that went to The Scrap House. Trying to save money I booked us for Saturday and Sunday night but should have done Friday and Saturday. After Little Mans swimming lesson I drove out to the retreat. The 2 girls I was sharing a room with were already there so I threw my overnight stuff in the room and staked out my table. We got dinner from Partytime Pizza and Tanning. How those two things go together I don't know. It was decent pizza so we were all happy with it. I think most of us stayed up until around 1:30 am and then went to bed.

Most people had to go home Sunday night so since the Scrap House is pretty close to home I met Bobby and the kids for dinner at Rafferty's and spent the night in my own bed. Bobby stayed home with the kiddos Monday and let me get one more day of full time scrapping done. I got 42 pages done, mostly in Little Mans 1st year book. As soon as I can get the pictures up on the computer I will post some of the layouts I did. I did discover a new toy that I really really want. It is called a Cricut and cuts letters in different sizes and fonts....maybe for Christmas or my birthday....
This weekend was just fantastic. It made me feel good when I got to Rafferty's both of the kiddos were really excited to see me. It was a nice change from hearing fighting and arguing. Talking to one of my friends today she said it made her feel like a better mother to get away and do something for herself. I think I can agree with that. I love my kids and my husband with every fiber of my being and I want to be with them every minute that I can but it felt good to get something accomplished and to have some girl time. I am glad to be home but I am looking forward to the next time I can get 42 or more scrapbook pages done.

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