Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Someone is twenty-twelve today!

My sweet hubby is 32 today. We like to say twenty twelve though to trick the youngsters into buying his CD. It is way cooler to be late 20s than early 30s.
I have a surprise for Bobby but he doesn't get to have it yet because it is not paid for yet (did I mention we haven't used credit cards in 2 years, hence the not paid for part yet). I was kind of bummed because we have been a little short on cash as of late. Once the money from working contract comes in things are fine but until then we are pinching pennies. I had money for lunch today but that was about it.
I went swimming at the gym at 6am and on my way home realized I had a couple of bucks on me. I ran to McDonald's and got a Cinnamon Melt and a Coke, brought them home and stuck a couple of candles in them and had the kids come into our room singing Happy Birthday so he could have breakfast in bed. I know it wasn't gourmet or anything but he seemed to think it was a nice gesture.
After sending Bobby off to work the kids and I had to run a few errands, pick up birthday cards, pick up a check for the scrapbook retreat I am organizing, get gas. Then we were off to pick Bobby up from work to take him to PF Chang's. Yum! That place is just so yummy! Since I am trying to keep my calories down he ordered a shrimp dish since he didn't have to share it with me..just the kids. I don't do shellfish but apparently my children do. They were nice enough to bring him a brownie at the end of the meal with a little candle in it.
After we got home and Little Man took a very short nap we headed off to the park to fly his new Aero Ace. It crashed and the nose broke off and some kid on a skateboard tried to take off with it.
Then for a huge right of passage, we took the kids to the library and got each of them a library card. They each checked out 2 books on their cards. Now we just have to get them back on time.

We got a few gift cards to Target and Bobby thought he would like to go spend some. Right before we left we got the mail and low and behold there was a gift card from his parents to Chili's. Now this gift card can also be used at Macaroni Grill so we decided that is where we would go for dinner. It is Bobby's favorite restaurant (besides anything and everything Mexican).

We both got some cool stuff at Target. I picked up a mini food processor, an old Lauren Hill CD, a Corrine Bailey Rae CD, and the movie 50 First Dates. Bobby got some new pants, the All American Rejects CD, some clamps, the movie Enemy at the Gates and some batteries. By this time the kids were really starting to get hungry so we headed off to the Macaroni Grill.

After we were seated we all noticed that we didn't have any crayons to color on the paper table cloth with. After our server took our drink order Munchkin said "Excuse me Sir, could you get some crayons for my brother and for me please?" I just about fell out of my chair trying to praise her for that. Bobby was so proud! I think they were a little busy tonight though because our service was not fantastic and our server I think was trying to get out of singing for Bobby by "forgetting" that they hostess had told him it was his birthday. He ended up doing it and got a nice round of applause.

It was not an epic kind of birthday but I think Bobby had fun. He can comment if he would like too. I hope next year I will be able to do far more than we did this year.

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