Sunday, January 28, 2007


I know, you are thinking "Oh no! How much of Munchkins hair had to be cut off after a tub of peanut butter was used to try and get the gum out!" The answer is......none! This is a post about Little Man. Tonight at the grocery store Munchkin got to pick a little treat when we got done shopping. She picked Bubble Yum Hershey gum. Who knew they made chocolate flavored gum? I gave Little Man a tiny piece so he could try it and made sure to tell him "Just chew it, don't swallow it. Do you understand?" "yeh" was the answer. When we got in the car I realized he wasn't chewing anymore so I asked "Is your gum still in your mouth or did you swallow it?" "swa-yow" was the sweet little answer from the backseat. It was such a cute word I had to write it down. So, hopefully it doesn't really take 7 years to pass through the digestive system.

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  1. nah, if he eats enough, you'll actually see it in little pieces when you change him, or he potties - whatever place y'all happen to be in the training! although, i had not discovered chocolate gum - that may blend in rather well compared to watermelon!! ;)