Friday, January 12, 2007

A few things

We have been super busy the last few days and it is looking like the ends of our weeks are going to be like that the next few months. Our schedule with Easter Seals got changed so we are now doing ALL three therapies for Little Man on Fridays. Today I am also running dinner to a couple of friends in Gallatin so I am not sure how I am going to make it back to downtown Nashville by appointment time.These are some muffins we made a couple of weeks ago that are supposed to look like mice.

Yesterday was the first day back to swimming for Munchkin. Bobby graciously kept Little Man home so I could go to the mall with my friend Angela and her little girl after the lesson. We hit up Subway for a low points lunch then headed to The Pampered Palace for some Razzle Dazzle Dust. Hallmark is going out of business so we checked on Crocs then went to Dillard's to check on Crocs there. The girls found their very own dress up area..I mean women's hat area all to themselves. They were thrilled with trying on the feathery ones especially.

After a trip to get icees we should have been headed home but I needed to run to Target to see if I could find Little Man some swim trunks. Guess what! It is January and Target has swim suits. Who in their right mind wants to see themselves in a swimsuit right after the holidays? Oh well, thanks to those crazy people I was able to get Little Man some Spiderman swim trunks, Munchkin a pretty new swim suit (her old one was too tight in the shoulders), a camera case for her digital camera (it was on clearance) and I got 2 Doodle Monsters for $2.48 each. They were $15. Santa brought Munchkin a little bitty Doodle Monster but she has wanted a big one since they came out. The cool think is they pull apart so Little Man can practice hand strength on them.

I made a terrible dinner for Bobby and the kids and then left to go play Pokeeno with some girls from Sunday School. Can I just say those girls are FUNNY!
Anyway, it has been a busy week and hopefully the weekend will be a little slower paced.

Little Man and Munchkin love the Wii as much as Bobby does. Especially boxing for WiiMan and Golf for Monkii. My nickname on there is Mommii and Bobbys is Luckiiday. Silly but fun!


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    so had Hallmark marked the Crocs down anymore??? They are the best thing since sliced bread!!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I love the Muffins...I need to know how you made them

    Jenn Cady