Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Belated Birthday

Since we have been short on cash due to a computer changeover causing all contract workers checks to just vanish out of the system, I was not able to finish buying Bobbys birthday present on his birthday. Well, we finally got a check yesterday. I paid all of our bills that had just passed the due date and had enough leftover for groceries, gas and his gift.

I have been looking for this all over the place and have not been able to find it. I ran into Game Stop by church and said to the two guys behind the counter "Please tell me you have a Wii and that those are not empty boxes in the window!" In some cases that might have been followed by a very awkward this case I was in luck! They had 1 Wii left. As the one guy was ringing my purchase up another lady came in and asked if they had a Wii. She was pretty mad when they said I was getting the very last one. I felt kind of bad except she had a horrible attitude and I was trying to corrall my children while paying for the Wii.

The best part was the look on Bobbys face when he opened it. First he picked up the present and shook it around a bit and said he had no idea what it was. When he opened it he said "You didn't!" then "You did!" (Complete look of shock on his face) "I can't believe it!" "This is my very first game console ever...did my parents tell you that my grandma gave us a nintendo game system and took it back to get us laser guns?"

After 9 years of marraige I am glad I can still surprise him sometimes!


  1. I was in... luck!? You think? Or something else?

  2. matt's birthday is tomorrow and he just said, "i wish i would get that kind of gift tomorrow..." ;)
    he better not hold his breath.

    that's awesome! and the laser gun link made me laugh out loud! maybe that's what i could get him....

  3. Craig, I was trying to keep it clean :)

    Maybe a Wii will magically appear Suzanne! ;) I swore we would never have that but I am glad he could be surprised.Tell Matt Happy Birthday from us!

  4. Oh meant about luck...divine providence?