One word


Favorite Gifts?

Haaaam! Toot!

"It's Christmas!!!!!!!!"


I feel like the Grinch right now..

Well! Aren't you going to talk to me?

Braeside Inn

10 Years

A Giving Heart

Night and Day

Buffalo Gap

Abilene Zoo

Like Father...Like Son.....

I love technology

The Best Laid Plans....

Church #6


He's a mean one...Mr. Grinch

And the winner is....


Vote for Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving!

MOPS Cookie Exchange

Parenting Moment Hall of Shame

Church #5


My Gym

Our New Toy


Dog update

Oh the Joy

I Don't Get It...

Launguage Pet Peeve of the day

Happy Halloween

Gigi Rose

Do I own the dog or does it own me?

Where do balloons go? To Party with Squirrels of Course!

I Rock! Well at least in this instance...

Awards Day

Am I a Terrible Mother?

I am

Asparagus Pee

Customer Service.....Or Lack There of and Interviews

Which Wich 51 Club

Wiped Out

My child is a packrat

So Sad

I'll admit it....I'm a brand snob!

PJ Day

Southern or Country

Yard Sale - Whole lotta fun OR

Where Should We Eat Dinner

Is it Really Fall?

Feeling better, feeling worse and more tears

Mamas intuition does it again

So Tired...

Bribery seems to be working

A better start


Where will bribery get us?

Dr visit

Going downhill

Season Premiere Week


See you at the pole

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