Thursday, December 07, 2006

Peer Pressure

at age 4? After swimming today we went and hung out at Mcdonalds with some friends. The little girl is about 9 months older than Munchkin and the boy is 6 months older. I am not sure if we are almost to the point of boys have cooties or what but Munchkin was not nice to the little boy. The reason she was not nice is because her girl friend was mad at him for scaring her. The two of them kind of ganged up and wouldn't hang out with him. This is not the first time this has happened. She has done this with other girls too and we have talked about it. On our way home we had a long discussion about loving other people. We talked about how she would feel if her two friends ganged up on her and told her that they weren't going to be friends with her anymore. She looked sad and said that it wouldn't feel very nice. Also, we talked about how God must feel when we are not loving toward other people and how sad He is when we act like that. Now she is in her room drawing a picture that we can mail to the little boy as an apology. Hopefully the next time in a situation like that she will think about how God would feel and how she would feel if she acted like that. It kind of scares me for the future. She is 4 now how on earth is she going to be when she is 14? Can I go hide in a hole?

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  1. She is going to be a wonderful 14 year old because you are teaching her empathy for other people. It's something sadly lacking in a lot of people's homes today. You are wonderful parents.
    Love ya,