Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

We have had a whirlwind evening tonight! Today was so relaxed when it came time for church we were completely rushed! Our church didn't have services this morning so that people could hang out at home with their families. They did have 3 services tonight though. If there had been childcare we would have gone to the 7 O'Clock but there wasn't so we went to the 5 O'Clock. This was good for us except that we usually eat dinner right around 5ish. So, we either had to eat at 4 or at 7. We thought we would grab something on the way home but DUH! nothing is open on Christmas Eve. We did try the Taco Bell drive through but they were out of Chicken and Beef. Then we tried Mcdonalds by us who had a sign saying they were open until 9pm. They only had 5 people working (which should have been enough..I worked at Burger King and opened by myself) which was not enough people to run the drive through and cook. SO, long story short we came home and I made a skillet meal and some Sister Schubert rolls.

After the kids opened a pair of new jammies each we read a chapter from Charlottes Web, brushed teeth and finally got them into bed. Now Bobby is down the street giving a neighbor a guitar lesson. I just finished baking an Angel Food Cake for our Happy Birthday Jesus cake and I am in the process of baking my moms famous Cornmeal Crescent Rolls. I can't wait to eat them!

Soon I will be stuffing stockings and putting tags on Santa gifts (I am glad Munchkin can't read yet!). Munchkin is really excited about Santa coming! When asked what she wanted Santa to bring by different people she would say "Whatever he wants to bring me, but I hope he doesn't think I want a Bratz doll!" After her friend told her that she had written a letter to Santa she decided she wanted too also. So on her list is a Doodle Monster. Well, thank goodness Santa got her a little one. I know she will be thrilled!

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. I know the kids are excited about the presents but I hope we are instilling what the real reason for Christmas is in them. Before presents in the morning we will read the Christmas Story out of Luke and talk about Jesus more. Today on the way to the church Munchkin piped up with "The presents are not what is important about Christmas it is about being together and giving to other people!" Could a mama be prouder? I think not!

One other fun thing she said today after jumping around on my bed was "It feels like Jesus is walking around in my heart right now!" She had fallen onto the bed and could feel her heart beating faster. It was so cute!

I pray this Christmas finds you well and happy!

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't be prouder of their little Munchkin and Little Man, too. Miss you and love you.
    Mom and Dad