Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

We were finally able to go get our Christmas Tree yesterday. The last couple of times we have gone to Lowes to get it and thought this would be a good idea once again. After traipsing through Lowes finding nails, wrapping paper, sumo glue and blue tape we headed out to the garden center. It was pretty much a Charlie Brown tree lot at that point. Apparently they had to turn the water off when we had a cold snap a week or so ago so many of the trees were pretty brown. We got a Douglas Fir for $20 and it still looks good. There were needles on the ground but not many came off when we shook it and ran our hands over the branches so we think we got a good one. It only has to last 10 days anyway. We got it home, got the lights on and put all of the ornaments on. I remember my mom always opening the ornament boxes and telling us where they came from and letting us hang them on the tree. So, that is what I did. As I pulled each one out of the box I told the kids where we got each one and let them put them up. Little Man got the really soft not breakable ones since he would take them to the tree and drop them on the floor. Munchkin had fun putting them up though and even got to put the finishing touch, the angel on the top. Now, if we can keep the dog from knocking it over and the cat from climbing it I think we will be good to go!

Look at all of those trees!

I do not want my picture taken with these Charlie Brown trees!

I like having my picture taken, plus look at my cool Barbie wrapping paper I picked out!

A much happier boy at home.

The final touch!

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