Saturday, December 09, 2006


This coming week I think will be one of the busiest this year. Thankfully this weekend has been fairly low key. Naps are being taken, Munchkin is out flying with her daddy and I am about to embark on a cookie baking frenzy. We have something every night next week. It is not even all Christmas stuff it is just the way the week falls.
Monday I have my MOPS cookie swap (hence the cookie baking frenzy), Tuesday I have a Pampered Chef open house, Wednesday is our 9th anniversary and our kiddos are spending the night at a friends (Thanks Angela!), Thursday is my once a month Pokeeno game (much fun and laughter will be had, and I think Friday I will be home. Bobby has been gracious enough to work around me this week in the craziness.

I know all of the different nights will be fun for different reasons but I am looking forward to Wednesday the most. Bobby and I get to take a moment out for us and celebrate 9 years of marriage. I think we are going to check out Nick and Rudys downtown and then who knows. We are such bar hoppers (kidding!) maybe we will do that...maybe I will check to see if any local bands are playing that we know though.

Hopefully we will get out on Saturday or sometime this week to get our tree. We have only had one a few years that we have been married because we have traveled so much. This year it didn't work out for us to go anywhere so it will be nice to have one. Now, my hubby grew up in Oregon where they went and cut one down every year. I remember cutting trees down too so it would be nice to have that tradition with our kiddos. Sometime in the future though. The last couple of times we have picked ours up at Lowes. That may happen again this year. I can't wait to get all decorated.

We went to a little Christmas party this morning and Munchkin sang Jingle Bells for about 150 people. She was so dang cute!

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