Saturday, November 11, 2006

Whew! What a day!

This morning started off so nice and slow! Bobby got up and went downstairs with Munchkin and let me sleep. I finally got up around 9:30 to find Little Man still asleep in his room. After another hour he finally woke up. It is very unusual for my kids to sleep in but we stayed up watching The Wizard of Oz last night pretty late.
Normally we go get donuts on Saturday morning but since 2 of us slept through it we ate some lunch and thought we would go to the Santa parade at the mall.
We had a little bit of time before the parade so we hit up the Pampered Palace where Munchkin had her third birthday party. We always have to go there when we go to the mall because both the kids like to dance on the little stage and Munchkin always has to get some Razzle Dazzle Dust!

After the little parade we went and let the kids see Santa. It costs pretty much an arm and a leg to get 2 5x7s and the pictures are really not that good. Bobby and I are both in this one because Little Man was not going to sit on some random guys lap. Bobby is pretty much sitting on Santas lap and Santa looks like an elf. Hopefully we will get to see our friends Tracy and Davids Santa. He is a really good one! We thought both the kids would like to ride the train but only Munchkin did. Little Man wanted to after sister was done but didn't get to then. Maybe next time.

Once we were done at the mall we were all really hungry. We headed to TGIFridays for an early dinner/late lunch. Then we had to go to Walmart for a few more things. Little Man got his hair cut. He was not thrilled about that. The girl cutting his hair said "at least he is sitting still while crying!" She had apparently been kicked by a kid before. Poor little guy. He fell asleep on our way home and has been asleep ever since.

Poor Kelsey had been outside all day so Bobby took her and Munchkin for a walk. It was pretty cold outside so they bundled up and walked fast. Now we are just hanging out waiting for SNL to come on. Bobby has to be at church early tomorrow morning though so we will probably head to bed soon.

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