Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vacation Day 3 and 4 A Drive, a Rehearsal & a Wedding

Bobby and I left fairly early to drive to Pismo. We knew it was about a four hour drive but it felt a lot longer. We stopped to get a couple of things and to send some emails before we headed out so that made the day seem longer. Just a little past Morgan Hill we stopped for lunch at our beloved In-N-Out. That is one of our very favorite restaurants and we miss it so! I made sure to take a picture on my phone of Bobby out front and sent it to some other friends from CA that live near us in Tennessee.

Our next stop was at a gas station. When we started to leave I didn't have my seatbelt on yet and Bobby tried to throw me through the windshield. I am not sure what happened but he just stepped on the gas and the brake (he was trying to drive across the parking lot so he could run into Carls Jr to use the bathroom) and I went forward. (Sorry mom and dad! I don't think we told you about that) We were both laughing hysterically and the guy that drove in after that looked at us like we were lunatics.

About 13 miles from Pismo we called Matt to let him know we were almost there. I said "The rehearsal starts at 5 right?" Um, no...the rehearsal was supposed to start at 4 but he said it would probably not start until 4:30. Thank goodness we were only a few miles away. We pulled into the parking lot right about 4:05 and were the first ones in the lobby! When we got out of the car I thought "I don't remember the ocean smelling like a sewer!" Apparently there are a ton of pelicans that live on the bluff and make it smell. We met Matt in the lobby and waited for everyone to assemble to we could get through the rehearsal. I finally got to meet Marci. We had talked on the phone but hadn't met in person before so it was great to put a face with a name.

After the rehearsal we headed out a restaurant right next to the pier. The food was fantastic but some of the groomsmen kept slipping Matt shots of Jaeger. Later we checked into our hotel then I headed back to hang out with all of the girls while Bobby went to hang with the boys. They were tempted to rush the stage at the bar they were at and steal the instruments. Alas, aside from the 3 or 4 late 60's couple that were there dancing there was no one to appreciate the thought.
Bobby and Matt hung out later at his hotel room for awhile while I was at ours. I thought I was watching Jay Leno but I remember the monologue and then the musical guest and credits....I was kind of tired!

The next morning started off with me heading off to Marie calendar's (another favorite restaurant not located in TN) and Bobby heading to breakfast with Matt and his family. A couple of other girls went with me to the Pelican point restaurant where the reception was going to be and we set out all of the placecards and favors while the guys were doing something else.
Bobby and I went to our room to get ready and I must say! My husband needs to wear a tux more has been awhile since I have seen him that fancy. I wanted to slip him my room key to have him meet me later but then I remember he already had one!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! At about 4:30 the "Marine layer" cleared out, there was blue sky and just a little bit of wind. The groomsmen were handsome and well behaved, the bridesmaids were lovely. Matt looked more happy than I have ever seen him and Marci was a beautiful bride!

Just as they were pronounced husband and wife a pelican flew over and nailed the girl sitting behind me. I got 1 tiny little dot of pelican poo on my shirtsleeve thank goodness it wasn't more. One of the ring bearers also got nailed. Poor guy! Right after the ceremony Tonja and I ran to the reception to help people find their seats. Unfortunately for us we didn't have the seating chart so we were looking around the tables for names. She ran back to find the chart and then things went much smoother.

It was amazing to see the transformation of the reception room from the time we put out the favors to the reception. It overlooked the ocean and had a spectacular view of the sunset over the ocean.

At the end of the day Matt and Marci were married and we were exhausted.

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