Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tonight I had the distinct privilege of hearing Justin Timberlakes newest single Sexyback. Apparently I have been living in a cave because this was the first time I have heard it. I know you are jealous because not only did I hear it on The River I heard it 2 minutes later on Venus (just an aside..Apparently Venus is turning into TheParty). At least I got to hear it again so I could hear how truly horrible it was. As I was composing my blog post in my head about how I didn't even know it was Justin because of the awful effects on his voice the song ended and the DJs came on and were so excited about the song. They were talking about how much fun it was and what a great song it was. I suppose if you are at a club and have had several drinks and maybe think it is Britney it would be good. I am not much of a critic on music. I pretty much like whatever is on the radio but this song deserves to be trashed. If you hear it just turn it off or write your congressman to get it banned for all stations!

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  1. Megan agrees with you. She said, "Who is this horrible woman trying to sing this song! It's completely inappropiate for anyone under the age of 89 to hear. Yeah it's pretty bad." I haven't heard it and I think I will take a pass.