Sunday, November 05, 2006

The morning after..

Matt and Marcis wedding Bobby and I got up pretty early. Even though we had been in CA for a few days we were still on Tennessee time. It had been such a long time since we had been to a real beach we decided to take a walk. The weather was pretty cold but it was so much fun! We took ours shoes off and walked barefoot near the waters edge, collected completely intact sand dollars, took pictures under the pier, saw a dead seal on the beach (eww), and drew in the sand. As we were getting back in the car I pulled my shoes down from the top of the car. I am not sure what I was thinking putting them up there but I managed to get quite a bit of sand in my hair. We stopped on PCH at Old West Cinnamon Rolls. It was a pretty neat place with a line out the door. Bobby got a roll with orange glaze on it that was really good. I got a crumb topped roll and wasn't as impressed. We were planning on eating brunch in a couple of hours so I wasn't heartbroken that I didn't want to eat the cinnamon roll.

After finding our way back to the hotel we got all of our stuff together and checked out. We met Matt and Marci over at the Pelican Point restaurant for brunch. We realized it was going to be expensive when we checked out the buffet and it had crab legs and included champagne. It was so fun to hang out with Matt and Marci for that little bit. They were headed back home after breakfast and we were headed out to see Bobbys brother and sister-in-law on our way back to my mom and dads house.

Joe and Rox met us at the hotel. We had intended to go to Hearst castle but when we found out it was $20 a person we thought maybe we should hang out in San Luis Obispo instead. We found downtown and walked around awhile. Joe and Rox got some lunch at Mothers Tavern while we watched the Titans actually win their first game of the season! I thought it was pretty funny that the table we were at was only made for me. Everyone else was 6 feet tall and towered over the short little table. Plus, it was uneven so my glass of diet coke kept sliding toward the edge of the table. After wandering around a little bit longer we decided to head to Morro Bay to the aquarium. The aquarium cost $2 to get in and I am not sure it was worth that much. Both Joe and I were having digital camera issues but they got worked out. One of our favorite spots was the salt water taffy store. Every customer got to choose one piece free. Bobby declined and Joe tried to get him to go back and get him another piece. We searched everywhere for the advertised Giant Chess Board only to find it is closed on weekends. A nice couple took pictures of us standing on it though.
By this time we were starting to get hungry so we got in our cars and caravaned to Atascadero where we found one of our favorites...Round Table Pizza! Bobby and I managed to pay for the pizza but we found later that Joe or Rox (not sure which one) had slipped money into my wallet while I was indisposed. It came in handy later when we stopped at Starbys for a quick caffeinated pick me up. We had so much fun hanging out with Joe and Roxanna. We wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often.

We had about a 4 hour drive back from Atascadero so we got home about 10pm. Not too late but the kiddos were already in bed. I got Munchkin up to go potty and she just wrapped her sweet little arms around me and told me she had missed me. It just made my heart melt. It was really fun to be able to go to the wedding and hang out with family and friends but we missed our babies tremendously.

While we were gone Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to the Jelly Belly factory, Burger King, a Candy Festival, and a pumpkin patch. I am not sure who was worn out more the kids or the grandparents. I do know that when they said they were going to a candy festival I thought "good luck with that and getting them to actually sleep!" Little Man was thrilled to see us in the morning and clung to us. Munchkin was happy to see us but she also had a really good time just hanging out with grandma and grandpa, her aunts and cousins. Once again we wish we lived closer to all of our family so we all got to see each other more often.

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