Thursday, November 02, 2006

A few details

I like to think that I take semi decent pictures and I love taking pictures at weddings for my scrapbooks. Someday maybe I will get to take some photography classes and maybe do something professionally. To see some fantastic wedding photos check out Jules Bianchi in CA.

This is Matt with his dad and Bobby (the best man!).

The Chuck Taylors were very Matt!
The aisle.

Beautiful cake.
The aisle from where I was sitting.
This is Matts nephew! Isn't he adorable?


  1. i founf your blog through sherri lavender's and can i just say...............converse shoes with the wedding suit?? This is my dream!! I get married next March and nobody i know gets why i want to wear "brown" chucks with our "brown" suits.......grrrr so when i saw this i immediately yelped out 'YES' it could happen!! great pics by the way


  2. hey! thanks for the jules bianchi plug! you rock! i wish i could have seen you when you were in california!!